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100 Cases in Obstetrics and Gynaecology

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A 35-year-old woman arrives on the labour ward complaining of abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding at 36 weeks 2 days’ gestation. The pain started 2 hours earlier while she was in a cafe and is not relieved by lying still or walking around. The bleeding is bright red. You are the medic on duty…

100 Cases in Obstetrics and Gynaecology presents 100 obstetric- or gynaecology-related scenarios commonly seen by medical students and junior doctors in the emergency department, outpatient clinic, or on the ward. A succinct summary of the patient’s history, examination, and initial investigations—including photographs where relevant—is followed by questions on the diagnosis and management of each case. The answer includes a detailed discussion on each topic, with further illustration where appropriate, providing an essential revision aid as well as a practical guide for students and junior doctors.

Making speedy and appropriate clinical decisions, and choosing the best course of action to take as a result, is one of the most important and challenging parts of training to become a doctor. These true-to-life cases will teach students and junior doctors to recognize important obstetric and gynaecological conditions, and to develop their diagnostic and management skills.


Section 1: GENERAL GYNAECOLOGY,  Intermenstrual Bleeding,  Infertility,  Amenorrhoea,  Primary Infertility,  Infertility,  Shortness of Breath and Abdominal Pain,  Abdominal Swelling,  Abnormal Cervical Smear,  Anaemia,  Absent Periods,  Postmenopausal Bleeding,  Painful Periods,  Postcoital Bleeding,  Recurrent Miscarriage,  Pelvic Pain,  Infertility,  Heavy Menstrual Bleeding,  Urinary Incontinence,  Absent Periods,  Abdominal and Back Pain,  Postoperative Confusion,  Postmenopausal Bleeding,  Pelvic Pain,  Primary Amenorrhoea,  Permanent Contraception,  Labile Mood and Abdominal Pain,  Cervical Cancer,  Urinary Incontinence,  Pelvic Pain,  Early Menarche,  Excessive Hair Growth,  Section 2: EMERGENCY GYNAECOLOGY,  Pain and the Intrauterine System,  Bleeding in Pregnancy,  Pelvic Pain,  Vulval Swelling,  Abdominal Pain,  Urinary Retention,  Abdominal Pain,  Abdominal Pain,  Abdominal Pain and Vaginal Discharge,  Section 3: EARLY PREGNANCY,  Ectopic Pregnancy Management,  Early Pregnancy Ultrasound,  Mid-trimester Complications,  Pain and Bleeding in Early Pregnancy,  Bleeding in Early Pregnancy,  Bleeding in Early Pregnancy,  Bleeding in Early Pregnancy,  Vomiting in Pregnancy,  Section 4: GENERAL OBSTETRICS,  Pain in Pregnancy,  Illegal Drug Use in Pregnancy,  Antenatal Screening,  Epilepsy in Pregnancy,  Obesity in Pregnancy,  Glucose Tolerance Test,  Antenatal Care,  Previous Caesarean Section,  Group B Streptococcus,  Twin Pregnancy,  Chicken Pox Exposure in Pregnancy,  Bleeding In Pregnancy,  Breech Presentation,  Antenatal Screening,  Elective Caesarean Section Request,  Postpartum Chest Pain,  Antenatal Ultrasound,  HIV in Pregnancy,  Itching in Pregnancy,  Tiredness in Pregnancy,  Diabetes in Pregnancy,  Section 5: PERIPARTUM CARE AND OBSTETRIC EMERGENCIES,  Palpitations and Shortness of Breath in Pregnancy,  Reduced Fetal Movements,  Absent Fetal Movements,  Labour,  Peripartum Collapse,  Postpartum Bleeding,  Perineal Wound Infection,  Labour,  Labour,  Labour,  Pain And Fever in Pregnancy,  Headache in Pregnancy,  Prolonged Pregnancy,  Pain in Pregnancy,  Delivery,  Headache in Pregnancy,  Labour,  Postpartum Bleeding,  Labour,  Pain in Pregnancy,  Perineal Tear,  Fits in Pregnancy,  Breathlessness in Pregnancy,  Blood Pressure and Pregnancy,  Labour,  Section 6: FAMILY PLANNING AND SEXUAL HEALTH,  Postnatal Contraception,  Contraception,  Unprotected Intercourse,  Vaginal Discharge,  Teenage Contraception,  Intermenstrual Bleeding