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101 Interventions in Group Therapy


ISBN: 9781138100381

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23-28 ημέρες


This newly revised and expanded second edition of 101 Interventions in Group Therapy offers practitioners exactly what they are looking for: effective interventions in a clear and reader-friendly format. This comprehensive guide provides 101 short chapters by leading practitioners explaining step-by-step exactly what to do to when challenging situations arise in group therapy. Featuring a wide selection of all new interventions with an added focus on working with diverse populations, this comprehensive volume is an invaluable resource for both early career practitioners as well as seasoned group leaders looking to expand their collection of therapeutic tools.


Foreword by J. Scott Rutan.


1 On Second Thought.

2 Collateral Damage.

3 Lesbians Grieving Heterosexual Privilege by Creating A Loss Totem.

4 A Culture of Nice in a Women?s Group. 5

Countertransference in Groups with Severely Ill Inpatients. 6 The?Use?of?Primal?Scream?to?Facilitate?Release?in?the?African American?Male. 7 Hiring A Group Coordinator Can Develop A Group Program. 8 Who Owes You An Apology? 9 Not Just Talk: A?Group Therapy?Model?Integrating Action Theory and Techniques. 10 Anger: A Historical Account and an Ah Ha Moment. 11 Battling the Alien: Working Through Self-Hatred in Group Therapy. 12 A Ritual for Termination. 13 Setting Group Culture Development in Motion. 14 Only The Lonely: Trauma and Group Identity. 15 The Efficacy of Wedding Cognitive Behavior and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapies in Group Psychotherapy for Incarcerated Male Population. 16 Sparking Connection: Increasing Awareness, Engagement and Relatedness. 17 Intercultural Group Therapy – Global Nomads , Expats and Lovepats. 18 Back to the Future: Attending to Detrimental Family Loyalties. 19 The Undecided – Helping Clients Make Decisions. 20 Degree of Action and Structure in Format to Facilitate Group Cohesion. 21 Attuning to Micro-Expressions in group: a relational technique. 22 The Group Therapist in the Making. 23 Grounding: Coming into the “here and now” by using our Bodily Sensations. 24 Post Traumatic Stress Disorder with Combat Veterans Using Cognitive Behavioral Group Therapy. 25 The Group Sandwich Model1 for International Conflict Dialog Using Large Groups as a Social Developmental Space. 26 A Five-Stage Technique to Enhance Termination in Group Therapy. 27 Mindfulness Practice: Interventions for Working with Young Children in Groups. 28 A Relaxed Approach to Treating Phobia. 29 Building a Pathway to Success. 30 Urge and Creativity in the Group Matrix – Applying Art Therapy within Group Therapy. 31 I Am Positive There Is More to Me Than HIV. 32 From Time to Time. 33 Applying Expressive Therapies to Accelerate Cognitive Insight in Organizations. 34 Treating Depression with a Dose of Anxiety. 35 The Burden of being Beautiful?Is 40 the end of the Road? 36 Transforming Failures Into Honey. 37 Humility in the Face of a Mistake. 38 Promoting Communication and Interaction in a Group of Sub-Saharan Africa Immigrant Women. 39 Let Go of the Myth of Closure. 40 The Shielded Name Tent. 41 Corrective Experiences in Intensive Group Psychotherapy. 42 Mother-Daughter Interaction through the Group?s ?Hall of Mirrors?. 43 Improving Emotional Processing With Group Psychotherapy. 44 Who?s Responsible? Accepting and Integrating One is not always the Victim. 45 Hot Air Balloon. 46 Long-term Intergenerational Womens Psychotherapy Groups. 47 The Evolution of Gay Group Therapy. 48 Group Therapy for Therapists. 49 Refilling and Repairing Your Glass ? Insightful Exercise for Dually Diagnosed Clients. 50 Am I Modeling or Muddling ? Cranking up a New Group. 51 Fireball.