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3D Printing in Radiation Oncology. Personalization of Patient Treatment Through Digital Fabrication

ISBN: 9781032261959
ISBN: 9781032261959
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3D Printing in Radiation Oncology: Personalization of Patient Treatment Through Digital Fabrication presents a comprehensive and practical view of the many forms in which 3D printing is being integrated into radiation oncology practice. Radiation oncology employs among the most sophisticated digital technologies in medicine. Until recently, however, the “last mile” of treatment has required manually produced or generic devices for patient set up, positioning, control of surface dose, and delivery of brachytherapy treatment. 3D printing is already offering enhancements in both precision and efficiency through the digital design and fabrication of patient photon and electron bolus, customized surface and gynecological brachytherapy applicators, proton beam compensators and range shifters, patient immobilization, novel radiation detectors, and phantoms. Various innovations are disrupting decades-old practices in radiation therapy (RT) facilities, resulting in vital improvements in personalization of treatment and patient experience.

An essential read for radiation oncologists, medical physicists, radiation therapists, oncology nurses, hospital administrators, engineers, and medical educators, this book is an indispensable resource for those bringing 3D printing to the RT clinic, looking to expand the role of 3D printing in their practice, or embarking upon related research and development.


Chapter 1          Introduction and Clinical Perspective

Chapter 2          A brief introduction to 3D printing

Chapter 3          Biocompatibility and sterilization of 3D printed radiation therapy devices

Chapter 4          3D printing for external beam photon therapy

Chapter 5          3D printing for electron therapy

Chapter 6          3D printing for proton therapy

Chapter 7          Applications on brachytherapy

Chapter 8          3D printed patient immobilization

Chapter 9          3D printed radiation detectors

Chapter 10       3D printed phantoms in RT

Chapter 11       Operationalizing 3D printing in the radiation oncology department