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50 Landmark Papers every Thyroid and Parathyroid Surgeon Should Know 1st Edition

ISBN: 9781032042121
ISBN: 9781032042121
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This book provides an expert perspective, from some of the world’s leading surgeons, on the papers that have had the greatest impact in the field of thyroid and parathyroid surgery over the past decade.

The broad range of topics covered will enable the reader to understand how recent research developments have led to changes in current thyroid and parathyroid surgical practice and represents an excellent resource for trainees at all levels preparing for specialty examinations.

This book contains:

  • Concise review and analysis of key papers by expert clinicians with each chapter focused on the most important aspects of the surgical management of thyroid and parathyroid disease
  • Essential reading for students, residents, fellows and surgeons studying for their professional exams or wanting an update on the current thyroid and parathyroid surgery literature
  • Critical distillation of the diverse and expanding research over a broad range of topics from this field that includes investigation and management of benign and malignant thyroid disease, primary, secondary and tertiary hyperparathyroidism, thyroid and parathyroid surgery and surgical complications
  • Expert analysis of the key contemporary papers and topics underlying the practice of endocrine neck surgery for general surgeons, otolaryngologists, head and neck surgeons, endocrine surgeons, trainees and other healthcare professionals



Part One: Thyroid

Section One: Thyroid Nodule Evaluation & Treatment


Chapter One: Ultrasound

Review by: Julia E. Noel, Lisa A. Orloff


Chapter 2: Cytology


Review by: William G Albergotti, Emad Al Haj Ali


Chapter 3: Molecular Diagnostics

Review By: Todd McMullen


Chapter 4: Ablation

Review By: Hannah Nieto,Neil Sharma


Section Two: Thyroidectomy


Chapter 5: Surgeon Volume

Review by: Akie Watanabe, Sam M. Wiseman


Chapter 6: Thyroidectomy: Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve Monitoring

Review by: Marika D. Russell, Rick Schneider, Che-Wei Wu, Amr H. Abdelhamid, Gregory W. Randolph

Chapter 7: Superior Laryngeal Nerve Management.

Review by Thomas D. Milner, Eitan Prisman


Chapter 8: Thyroidectomy: Vessel Sealing Devices

Review by Matthew Cherko, Ram Moorthy


Chapter 9: Thyroidectomy: Parathyroid Autofluorescence

Review by: Paulina Kuczma, Marco Demarchi, Frederic Triponez


Chapter 10: Remote Access Thyroidectomy

Review by: Maureen D. Moore, Thomas J. Fahey


Chapter 11: Thyroidectomy: Robotic

Review by: Mahmoud Omar, Mohamed Aboueisha, Mohamed Shama, Emad Kandil


Chapter 12: Graves’ Disease

Review by: Rajam Raghunathan, Jacques How, Roger Tabah, Elliot Mitmaker,


Chapter 13: Goiter

Chapter Authors: Lucinda Duncan-Were, Carla Pajak


Chapter 14: Complications

Review By: Sendhil Rajan, Muhammad Shakeel, Sebastian Aspinall


Chapter 15: Hypoparathyroidism

Review by: Richard D. Bavier, David Goldenberg


Chapter 16: Parathyroid Autotransplantation

Review by: Helen E Doran


Section Three – Thyroid Cancer


Chapter 17: Epidemiology

Review by: Charles Meltzer


Chapter 18: NIFTP

Review by Tal Yalon,, Haggi Mazeh,


Chapter 19: Microcarcinoma

Review by Timothy M. Ullmann,Quan-Yang Duh


Chapter 20: Risk Stratification

Review by: Nancy L. Cho, Gerard M. Doherty


Chapter 21:Staging

Review by: Bianka Saravana-Bawan, Jesse D Pasternak


Chapter 22: Extent of Thyroidectomy

Review by: Pavithran Maniam, Iain J. Nixon



Chapter 23: Central Neck Dissection

Review by:

Shayanne A. Lajud, Jeremy L. Freeman


Chapter 24: Recurrent Differentiated Thyroid Cancer

Review by:

Agamemnon Pericleous, Samuel Backman, Matilda Annebäck, Neil Tolley


Chapter 25: Recombinant TSH/Adjuvant Radioactive Iodine Therapy

Review by: Daegan Sit, Jonn Wu, Sarah Hamilton


Chapter 26: Targeted Therapy

Review by: Arif Adnan Shaukat


Chapter 27: Anaplastic Carcinoma

Review by: Omar Hilmi, Miss Lucy Li


Chapter 28: Medullary Carcinoma

Review by Aleix Rovira, Paul V Carroll, Ricard Simo


Chapter 29: Medullary Carcinoma: MEN-2

Review by: Yi Sia, Radu Mihai


Chapter 30: Pediatric Differentiated Carcinoma

Review by: Frances T. Lee, Xavier M. Keutgen, Peter Angelos


Part Two: Parathyroid

Section Four: Primary Hyperparathyroidism – Preoperative



Chapter 31: Epidemiology

Review by: Brendan C. Stack Jr.


Chapter 32: Natural History of Untreated Disease

Review by: Fares Benmiloud


Chapter 33: Surgical Indications

Review by: Peter Truran


Chapter 34: Preoperative Localisation

Review by: Saba P Balasubramanian


Section Five: Primary Hyperparathyroidism – Parathyroidectomy


Chapter 35: Surgeon Volume

Review by: Rongzhi Wang, Herbert Chen



Chapter 36: Bilateral Operation

Reviewed by: Fiona C Eatock, Ioan Titus Cvasciuc,





Chapter 37: Focused Operation

Review by: Bianka Saravana-Bawan, Adrienne Melck


Chapter 38: Primary Hyperparathyroidism: Intraoperative PTH Measurement

Review By: Hiba Fatayer, Susannah Shore


Chapter 39: Remote access Operation

Review By: Priscilla Procopio, Pennestrì Francesco, Marco Raffaelli




Chapter 40: Parathyroid Cryopreservation

Review by: Abby Gross, Eren Berber


Chapter 41: Autofluorescence

Review by: John Phay





Chapter 42: Normocalcemic Primary Hyperparathyroidism

Review by: Samir Damji, Adrian Harvey


Chapter 43: Normohormonal Primary Hyperparathyroidism

Review by: Mechteld C de Jong, Sheila M Fraser



Chapter 44: Recurrent Hyperparathyroidism

Review by: Matilda Annebäck, F. Fausto Palazzo


Chapter 45: Surgical Complications

Review by: Neil Patel, Michael Stechman,


Chapter 46: MEN1- Hyperparathyroidism

Review by: David Leong, Stan Sidhu


Chapter 47: MEN-2 – Hyperparathyroidism

Review by: Mechteld C de Jong, Rajeev Parameswaran


Section Six: Secindary Hyperparathyroidism


Chapter 48: Secondary Hyperparathyroidism

Review by: Hadiza S Kazaure, Julie Ann Sosa


Section Seven: Tertiary Hyperparathroidism


Chapter 49: Tertiary Hyperparathyroidism

Review by: Thomas Burton, Goswin Meyer- Rochow


Section Eight: Parathyroid Carcinoma


Chapter 50: Parathyroid Carcinoma

Review by: Gaurav Agarwal, Dileep Ramesh Hoysal