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A Clinical Casebook of Sleep Disorders in Women

ISBN: 9783031242021
ISBN: 9783031242021
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Sleep disorders are very common among women during their lifespan, presenting in isolation or in combination with other illnesses particularly psychiatric and neurologic disorders. Pregnancy-related sleep disorders pose an interesting dilemma as this is a transient phase; these are associated with potential long-term effects on maternal and fetal health. Menopause and pre-menopausal stages lead to a significant change in sleep architecture, sometimes associated with insomnia with or without sleep related breathing disorder. Sleep architecture in men and women varies due to significant hormonal differences between the genders. However, sleep complaints are disproportionately higher among women.

This book presents 20 clinical cases to understand the differences in presentation of symptoms and treatment options for various sleep disorders that are more commonly noted among women. These cases cover a spectrum of sleep related breathing disorders, sleep related movement disorders, hypersomnias, parasomnias, issues of sleep fragmentation leading to insomnia in association with hormonal changes and some unique cases encountered in our clinical practices.

This compilation of interesting clinical cases presents trainees and experienced physicians with a useful guide to assist in their clinical practices and will stimulate further research and studies.