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A Manual of Basic Microsurgical Techniques 1st Edition

ISBN: 9781032535760
ISBN: 9781032535760
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A practical surgical manual providing a step-by-step guide to basic microsurgical techniques for the reconstruction of small vessels, nerves, and vas deferens. This also includes access to videos demonstrating core microsurgical techniques.

Incorporating 40 years of experience gained by the teachers of the microvascular course at Northwick Park, the techniques described in this manual have trained generations of surgeons. Fully illustrated and with a clear, succinct text, this manual will enable the reader to master basic skills quickly and confidently.

Microsurgery is not difficult, provided it is taught properly: There is no magic formula, but it must be learnt slowly, patiently and step by step. This valuable resource will be useful for surgeons in training and in practice and for research workers who are increasingly using microsurgical techniques in their experiments.


1: Equipment 2: Instruments 3: Stitch Formation 4. Microsurgical Training Models 5. Animal Model 6. Factors Affecting Anastomatic Success 7. End to End Arterial Anastomosis 8. End to Side Anastomosis 9. Interpositional Vein Graft 10. Vessels Under 1mm 11. Anastomosis with Single Clamps 12. Continuous Suturing Techniques 13. End to Side Continuous Suturing 14. Peripheral Nerve Repair 15. Rat Vasovasostomy 16. Rat Epididymovasostomy 17. Clinical Practice