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ABC of Prehospital Emergency Medicine, 2nd Edition

ISBN: 9781119698326
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In the newly revised second edition of ABC of Prehospital Emergency Medicine, a team of experienced prehospital practitioners deliver a comprehensive up-to-date guide to the rapidly evolving field of prehospital emergency medicine. The book includes evidence-based practice and expert opinion to meet the needs of the PHEM training curriculum covering operational, clinical and system considerations. An international team of expert editors and contributors have also provided readers with:

  • A thorough introduction to prehospital emergency medicine, including activation and deployment, personal protective equipment, and scene safety and assessment
  • Comprehensive exploration of the primary survey, airway, breathing, and circulation assessments
  • Practical discussions of prehospital anesthesia, analgesia, sedation, monitoring and ultrasound
  • The prehospital management of medical, trauma and psychiatric emergencies
  • How to care for special groups, including the elderly, obstetric, pediatric, and bariatric patients
  • Considerations in mass casualty and chemical, biological, radiation, and nuclear incidents.

ABC of Prehospital Emergency Medicine is essential reading for paramedics, doctors, nurses and other prehospital practitioners. The text is ideal for those undertaking subspecialty PHEM training, those studying for postgraduate prehospital degree modules, or practitioners undertaking PHEM exams.




Contributor list, viii

Foreword, xi

Preface, xii

1 Prehospital Emergency Medicine, 1

Part 1 Operational Practice, 3

2 Activation and Deployment, 5

Stephanie Cowan, Iwan Davies, and Matthew Boylan

3 Responder Safety, 10

Clare Bosanko and Dave Dungay

4 Extrication, 15

Malcolm Russell and Rob Fenwick

5 The First Five Minutes and the Primary Survey, 23

Tim Nutbeam and Matthew Boylan

6 Airway Assessment and Management, 26

Tom Renninson, Mårten Sandberg, Tim Hooper, Marius Rehn, Per Kristian Hyldmo, and David Lockey

7 Breathing Assessment and Management, 38

Per Kristian Hyldmo, Marius Rehn, and Mårten Sandberg

8 Circulation Assessment and Management, 46

Jake Turner and Matthew Boylan

9 Prehospital Monitoring, 57

Tim Harris and Peter Shirley

10 Prehospital Ultrasound, 63

Tim Harris, Adam Bystrzycki, and Stefan Mazur

11 Analgesia and Sedation, 72

Jonathan Hulme, Philip Keane, and Tony Sim

12 Transfer and Retrieval, 80

Richard Browne and Scott Grier

Part 2 Providing Prehospital Trauma Care, 89


13 Abdominal Injury, 91

Ed Barnard and Keith Roberts

14 Pelvic Injury, 94

Keith Porter, Caroline Leech, and Matt O’Meara

15 Head Injury, 97

Jeremy Henning, Clare Hammell, and Matthew Boylan

16 Spinal Injuries, 102

Mark Wilson and Tim Nutbeam

17 Extremity Injury, 107

Matt O’Meara, Caroline Leech, and Keith Porter

18 Burns, 110

Christopher J. Lewis and Keith P. Allison

19 Suspension and Crush Injury, 119

Jason van der Velde and Caroline Leech

20 Ballistic and Blast Injury, 123

Matthew Boylan and William Charlton

21 Cardiac Arrest, 130

Walter Kloeck, Martin Botha, David Kloeck, and Clare Bosanko

Part 3 Providing Prehospital Medical Care, 139

22 Acute Medical Emergencies, 141

Ewan Barron and Adam Low

23 Overdose and Poisoning, 151

Peter Welby-Everard and Ian Gurney

Part 4 Special Groups, 157

24 The Paediatric Patient, 159

Ben Lawton and John Glasheen

25 The Obstetric Patient, 166

Tracy-Louise Appleyard and Caroline Leech

26 The Bariatric Patient, 176

Hannah Bawdon and Surpreet Grewal

27 The Older Patient, 181

Fionna Lowe and Keniesha Miller

28 Mental Health Crisis, 184

Rob Cole, Richard Corrall, and Carly Lynch

29 Capacity, 189

Rob Cole, Richard Corrall, and Carly Lynch

Part 5 Environmental, 193

30 Environmental Injuries, 195

William Charlton and Omar Tayari

31 Drowning, 203

Mike Tipton and Paddy Morgan

32 Diving Emergencies, 207

Tudor A. Codreanu

33 Altitude Illness, 212

Harvey Pynn and Lucy Obolensky

Part 6 Emergency Preparedness, 219

34 Mass Casualty Incident Management, 221

Jamie Vassallo and Damian Keene

35 Chemical, Biological, Radiation, and Nuclear Incidents, 228

Niall Aye Maung and William Charlton

36 Mass Gatherings, 234

Lee Wallis and Wayne Smith

Part 7 Clinical Governance and Professional Skills, 237

37 Clinical Governance, 239

Clare Bosanko

38 Medicolegal and Ethical Aspects, 243

Craig M. Klugman and Jennifer Bard

39 Human Factors, Ergonomics, Safety, and Culture, 249

Chris Frerk, Tom Hurst, and Neil Jeffers

40 Human Performance, 253

Tom Evens, Alison Sanders, and Chris Shambrook

41 Research and Development, 259

Jamie Miles, Willem Stassen, Niroshan Siriwardena, and Suzanne Mason

Index, 262