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Accelerating Diagnostics in a Time of Crisis. The Response to COVID-19 and a Roadmap for Future Pandemics

ISBN: 9781009396981
ISBN: 9781009396981
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Those who responded to the COVID-19 pandemic have now had the opportunity to reflect on lessons learned, and in this science and data-rich book, those reflections are presented as a behind-the-scenes chronology of events and discoveries that occurred in COVID-19’s wake. Offering a rubric for a future pandemic response, each chapter is written by experts, with their unique perspectives, experience, and learnings woven into visual roadmaps throughout the book. These roadmaps serve as a scaffolding upon which future healthcare leaders can build when creating, implementing and executing operational strategies in the face of future infectious disease outbreaks. Written for both lay and scientific audiences and featuring case studies which give clinical insight into the unique bond between COVID patients, their loved ones and their healthcare providers, this important book allows readers to leverage the knowledge of experts to improve the outcomes of future pandemics.

  • Provides guidance for future pandemic response in a visual format of roadmaps per chapter, displaying vital activities, their chronology, and an estimated timeframe
  • Featuring broad and comprehensive coverage of the US national response to COVID-19 as captured by experts who were on the ground
  • Case studies are used throughout, offering clinical insight into the unique bond between COVID patients, their loved ones, and their healthcare providers


Introduction Tania Fernandez
1. Early detection, response, and surveillance of the covid-19 pandemic crisis Enrique Rabellino, Alexandra Smith and Marta Cohen
2. Immune system responses to SARS-CoV-2 Adolfo Firpo-Betancourt
3. Clinical management: a roadmap for one nyc hospital’s response to the covid-19 pandemic Barbara Barnett, Yvette Calderon, Erick Eiting, Young Lee, Lina Miyakawa, Waleed Javaid and Saralynne Brown
4. Contribution of radx to the rapid development and commercialization of covid-19 diagnostic assays Steven Schachter, John Collins, Michael Dempsey, Laura Gibson, Matthew Robinson and Paul Tessier
5. Coordination of resources for the deployment of covid-19 diagnostic assays Brian Walsh, Maren Downing, Mia Cirrincoine, Adam Sumata, Kevin Leite, Sam Dolphin, Emily Muth and Jose Valdesuso
6. Quality and risk management processes for diagnostic assays during an emergency pandemic response  Devon Campbell and Christie Johnson
7. Development of assays to diagnose covid-19 Yuka Manabe and William Clarke
8. Laboratory verification and clinical validation of covid-19 diagnostic assays Wilbur Lam, Leda Bassit, Anuradha Rao, Jennifer Frediani and Julie Sullivan
9. Importance of timely sequencing, tracking and surveillance of emergent variants Anne Piantadosi, Jessica Lin, Morgan Greenleaf, Leda Bassit and Cassandra Wesselman
10. The RADx regulatory core and its role in covid-19 emergency use authorizations Erika Tyburski and Cathy Cambria
11. Commercialization and market assessment of covid-19 assays Manuel Kingsley, Sunshine Moore and Heath Naquin
12. Testing strategies to mitigate covid-19 disease spread Paul Tessier and Peko Hosoi
13. A pandemic not just of infection but of inequality: the social impact of covid-19 Mara Aspinall and Liz Ruark
14. Summary and path forward for future pandemics Wade Bolton and Steven Schachter.