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Acute Aortic Disease

ISBN: 9780849370236
ISBN: 9780849370236

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Covering the pathophysiology, imaging, diagnosis, and treatment of a variety of aortic aneurysms and dissections, this source helps physicians effectively examine and evaluate affected individuals in clinical or emergency care settings.

This book also offers a wide array of illustrations, x-rays, and operative photographs to emphasize key anatomic observations, this guide contains cutting-edge insight on the latest biologic, radiologic, clinical, and surgical developments that have taken place in the field.

Presented in a reader-friendly format, this source provides end-of-chapter questions and a point-counterpoint format to analyze differing perspectives from renowned experts on these diseases. The Q & A and counterpoint involve the reader in an interactive interchange by key opinion leaders.

Of vital importance for all emergency and cardiac units, this source prepares physicians and guides them in the identification and recognition of acute aortic conditions in day-to-day clinical care, the emergency room, or the coronary care unit.

Acute Aortic Disease:

  • Explains the genetics of aortic diseases
  • Explores the influence of emotion and exercise on the incidence of aortic dissection
  • Supplies cutting-edge insight on the imaging of aortic aneurysms and dissections, the mechanisms by which the aorta hurts patients, and modern treatment regimens for these conditions

The book also:

  • Devotes an entire chapter to lawsuits in relation to aortic diseases and supplies expert recommendations for their prevention.
  • Offers a reader-friendly format with bulleted lists, a Powerpoint format, and discussion commentaries at the end of each chapter summarizes the most important messages of each chapter in a bulleted list, compiled by the editor in the final chapter