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Acute Medicine: Lecture Notes

ISBN: 9781119672852
ISBN: 9781119672852
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Lecture Notes discusses the principles of the initial assessment, investigation, diagnosis, and management of adult patients with everyday Acute Internal Medicine (AIM) presentations and conditions. This textbook is wide in scope and covers topics ranging from initial identification of acute medical illness, through to effective discharge planning.

Lecture Notes contains the latest developments on the generic professional and specialty specific capabilities needed to manage patients presenting with a wide range of medical symptoms and conditions covered in the UK AIM curriculum (2022).

In Lecture Notes, readers can expect to find detailed information on:

  • Generic skills relevant to AIM, such as clinical reasoning, safe prescribing, point of care ultrasound (POCUS), resuscitation, and managing the acute medical take
  • AIM across the various acute care settings – home (telemedicine, virtual wards, Hospital at Home), ambulatory (same day emergency care), and in-hospital (acute medical unit, enhanced care, critical care)
  • AIM presentations and conditions in special populations such as older people, pregnancy, people with HIV, LGBTQ+, inclusion medicine, people with learning disabilities, perioperative medicine, people with mental illness and more
  • Common presentations in AIM
  • Standalone chapters can be read in any sequence, making the text perfect for quick reference

With its accessible coverage of a wide range of AIM content, Lecture Notes: Acute Medicine is an essential resource for medical students, physician trainees, consultants, and other members of the multidisciplinary team working in acute care, patient-facing settings.



Glenn Matfin, MSc (Oxon), MB ChB, FRCPE, is former Chief of Medicine at University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) Fresno, and Valley Medical Foundation Endowed Chair in Medicine, Fresno, CA, USA. He was also Vice-Chair of Medicine at UCSF and Professor of Clinical Medicine at UCSF. He was previously Consultant Physician and Honorary Professor of Medicine in AIM, Diabetes and Endocrinology in the UK NHS.


Preface, vii

Contributors, ix

Section One: General Aspects of Acute Medicine, 1

1 Introduction to Acute Medicine, 3
Glenn Matfin and Nick Murch

2 Clinical reasoning in Acute Medicine, 12
Glenn Matfin

3 Generic capabilities relevant to Acute Medicine, 22
Glenn Matfin

4 Safe prescribing in Acute Medicine, 40
Glenn Matfin

5 The acutely unwell patient, 50
Glenn Matfin

6 Resuscitation, 65
James Piper and Glenn Matfin

7 Enhanced and critical care Acute Medicine, 86
Glenn Matfin

8 Acute medicine in the ambulatory care setting, 100
Glenn Matfin

9 Acute medicine in the home, 104
Daniel Lasserson

10 Effective discharge planning, 107
Glenn Matfin

11 Point-of-care ultrasound in Acute Medicine, 113
Rasha Buhumaid

12 Putting it all together — managing the acute medical take, 138
James Piper

Section Two: Acute Medicine in Special Populations, 145

13 Older persons, 147
Glenn Matfin and Howell Jones

14 Perioperative medicine, 160
Robert Grange, Joshua Griffiths and David Shipway

15 The obstetric woman in the acute setting, 176
Siara Teelucksingh, Emma Page and Anita Banerjee

16 Adolescents and young adults, 194
Glenn Matfin

17 People with learning disabilities, 197
Glenn Matfin

18 Inclusion health, 201
Glenn Matfin

19 Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning, and others (LGBTQ+), 209
Howell Jones and Glenn Matfin

20 People living with HIV, 215
Nadia Ahmed and Robert Miller

21 The poisoned patient, 221
Glenn Matfin

22 Alcohol, drugs and substance abuse, 230
Nick Murch

23 People with diabetes and other hormonal disorders, 245
Glenn Matfin

24 People with neurological disorders, 299
Hani Ben Amer

25 People with mental health issues, 335
James Bolton

26 Acute oncology, 351
Glenn Matfin

Section Three: Common Presentations in Acute Medicine, 365

27 Common presentations in Acute Medicine, 367
Glenn Matfin and Aya Akhras

Index, 432