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ADHD and Success at Work. How to turn supposed shortcomings into strengths

ISBN: 9783031134364
ISBN: 9783031134364
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This book explains, in engaging language, the emotional experience and possible behavioural patterns of ADHD on the bases of its neurobiological function, with a focus on the opportunities and obstacles faced by those with ADHD in professional education as well as in the course of a professional career.

A number of conceptualization concerning the central traits of ADHD such as negative hyperfocus, unusual learning curve, questions of selfesteem and emergency-benefits are unfolded for the first time in detail, combined with actionable explanations on how to deal successfully with these traits.

In consideration of readers with ADHD, the text is carefully written in a way that grabs your attention with: short sections, numerous illustrations, mini case histories and additional facts as extras.

The book is meant for persons with ADHD and their families, for employers and HR responsibles and last but not least for physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and other professionals who want to understand in depth the functioning and emotional experiencing of ADHD and how to deal with it in practice.