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Adjustment to Adult Hearing Loss

ISBN: 9781032728193
ISBN: 9781032728193
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Originally published in 1985, the chapters in this book were, with two exceptions, first prepared for and discussed at a monthly research seminar series on Hearing Loss in Adulthood during the 1983-1984 academic year. One of the exceptions was included to fill a major gap in the literature dealing with the experience of persons who suffer a moderate hearing loss in midlife. The other, by the editor, presents his observations and reiterates significant points made by a number of seminar members. As a whole this book shines a light on the experience of hearing-impaired people, particularly the loss of hearing in later life.


Preface.  Acronyms and Abbreviations.  Part I: The Hearing Impaired Population  1. The Demography of Hearing Loss Peter W. Ries  2. The Social and Economic Condition of Older Adults: Current Status and Future Prospects George L. Maddox Jr.  Part II: Social and Psychological Effects of Hearing Loss  3. Social and Psychological Effects of Hearing Loss in Adulthood: A Literature Review Kathryn P. Meadow-Orlans  4. A Personal Account Jack Ashley  5. Deafness in the Family Pauline K. Ashley  Part III: Adjustment to Hearing Loss  6. Benefits and Limitations of Amplification and Speechreading for the Elderly Harriet Kaplan  7. The Psychology of Hearing Loss Hilde S. Schlesinger  8. Adjustment to Acquired Hearing Loss: A Working Model James G. Kyle, Lesley G. Jones and Peter L. Wood  9. Adult Hearing Loss and the Family Herbert J.Oyer and E. Jane Oyer  10. Developing SHHH, a Self-Help Organization Howard E. Stone  Part IV: Reviewing the Issues  11. Psychosocial Aspects of Hearing Loss in Adulthood Laurel E. Glass  12. Reflections on Adult Hearing Loss Harold Orlans.  Author Index.  Subject Index.