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Advances and Technical Standards in Neurosurgery Volume 45

ISBN: 9783030991685
ISBN: 9783030991685
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This book offers an update on several basic and clinical problems in neurosurgery compiled by internationally recognized experts.


This multi-thematic volume will touch on a variety of topics: from the role of women neurosurgeons in the last hundred year of the specialty history, to the pathogenesis of spinal dysraphism, to the convection-enhanced delivery of intracerebral antineoplastic drugs in children, through a review of methods and applications. The intraoperative cerebral blood flow monitoring in neurosurgery will be also discussed, offering again a comprehensive review of contemporary technologies and emerging perspectives.


As for the technical standards, the book will describe the multimodality approach to cerebral gliomas, the management of thalamic tumors, the intracavitary treatment of craniopharyngiomas, the long term results of spasticity treatments, the surgical treatment of spinal vascular malformations, the management of idiopathic and refractory syringomyelia, offering at the same time an update of peripheral nerve surgery.


All the chapters have to be considered an advance in the relative fields, in cerebral pathophysiology and in clinical management.


Approaching the issue of technical standards in the everyday clinical practice of neurosurgery, this book is of great interest for neurosurgeons, neurologists and orthopaedists.