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Advances in Cardiology

Συγγραφείς: Kanu Chatterjee, Phillip A Horwitz
ISBN: 9789350909638

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This book presents the most recent advances in the field of cardiology, with emphasis on cardiovascular pathophysiology and new diagnostic and therapeutic techniques used for the management of patients with cardiovascular disease.

Divided into ten sections, the book examines different aspects in the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease, including key advances in interventional cardiology, innovations in technology, and advances in pharmacotherapy. Implantable cardiac devices and atrial fibrillation are discussed in depth.

Edited by internationally recognised Professor Kanu Chatterjee from the University of Iowa and the University of California San Francisco; and Professor Phillip A Horwitz from the University of Iowa, this comprehensive reference includes nearly 350 images and illustrations to enhance learning.

Key points

  • Comprehensive guide presenting recent advances in cardiology
  • Emphasis on pathophysiology and new diagnostic and therapeutic techniques
  • In depth coverage of implantable cardiac devices and atrial fibrillation
  • Edited by internationally recognised US experts, Prof Kanu Chatterjee and Prof Phillip A Horwitz


1. Advances in Understanding of Pathophysiology and
Management of Diastolic Heart Failure 1
Kanu Chatterjee
Clinical Definition 1; The Risk Factors 2; Pathophysiology 3;
Diagnosis 6; Management 6
2. Cardiovascular Pharmacogenetics 11
Josephine H Li, Geoffrey S Ginsburg, Deepak Voora
Principles of Pharmacogenetics 12; HMG-CoA Reductase
Inhibitors 13; Thienopyridines 19; Aspirin 25; Warfarin 26;
Diuretics 29; Beta-Blockers 30; Antiarrhythmic Drugs 34
3. Advances in Clinical Lipidology 50
Byron F Vandenberg
Genetics 50; Lipid Metabolism 53; Epidemiology 56; Risk Assessment
and Biomarkers 58; Risk Assessment and Imaging for Subclinical
Atherosclerosis 62; Current Therapies 65; Emerging Therapies 75
4. Advances in Peripheral Arterial and Aortic Diseases 88
Tonga Nfor, Suhail Allaqaband, Tanvir Bajwa
Lower Extremity Peripheral Artery Disease 88; Subclavian Artery
Disease 106; Cerebrovascular Disease 106; Renal Arterial
Disease 110; Mesenteric Ischemia 114; Aortic Aneurysm
and Dissection 115
5. Stem Cell and Gene Therapy in Cardiology 137
Eric Fuh, Yerem Yeghiazarians
Stem Cells 138; Types of Stem Cells 139; Stem Cell
Clinical Trials 142; Routes of Administration 149;
Mechanisms of Action 150; Gene Therapy 151;
Mechanism of Action 151; Limitations of Viral Delivery Vectors 152;
Potential Clinical Targets 153; Novel Approaches 154
6. Endovascular Treatment of Acute Stroke:
Advances and Disappointments 165
James D Rossen
Limitations of Intravenous Tissue Plasminogen Activator 165;
Techniques of Endovascular Recanalization in Acute Stroke 166;

Clinical Benefit, Brain at Risk and Time to Reperfusion 166;
Intra-arterial Pharmacologic Thrombolysis 167; First Generation
Thrombectomy Devices 167; Clinical Impact of Ischemic Penumbra
Imaging and Endovascular Intervention Studies 168; Second Generation
Thrombectomy Devices: Stent Retrievers 169; Randomized Trials of
Endovascular Therapy for Acute Stroke 172; Limitations of Endovascular
Therapy Trials and Lessons Learned 174
7. Recent Advances in Percutaneous Structural
Heart Interventions 177
Hjalti Gudmundsson, Phillip A Horwitz
Advances in Valvular Heart Disease Management 177;
Advances in Nonvalvular Structural Heart Disease 184
8. Advances in Catheter-based Treatment of
Coronary Artery Disease 198
Ankur Vyas, Saket Girotra
Advances in Stent Technology 198; Advances in
Pharmacotherapy 200; Advances in Coronary Lesion
Assessment 203; Advances in Applications of PCI 207;
Appropriateness of PCI 219
9. Cardiac Computed Tomography: Technical
Advancements and Future Applications 230
Amandeep S Dhaliwal, Gardar Sigurdsson
Engineering and Postprocessing Improvements 230;
Radiation 234; Anatomical versus Functional Diagnosis of
Coronary Disease 237; Cardiac CT Perfusion Imaging 239;
Cardiac CT and Risk Stratification of Acute Chest Pain 243;
Cardiac CT in Risk Stratification of Stable Chest Pain 244;
Cardiac CT and Diastolic Dysfunction 245; Cardiac CT and
Systolic Dysfunction 247; Cardiac CT and Coronary Allograft
Vasculopathy 247; Cardiac CT and Evaluation of Valve Disease 248
10. Advances in the Treatment of Arrhythmias 253
Yiming Wu, Alexander Mazur
Advances In Implantable Cardiac Devices 253; Atrial Fibrillation 260
Index 275