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Ageing, Neuropsychology and the ‘New’ Dementias. Definitions, Explanations and Practical Approaches

ISBN: 9781032723006
ISBN: 9781032723006
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Up to the 1990s, the influence of brain function disturbances and causes of dementia in the elderly had mostly been overlooked as a possible explanation for antisocial or unusual behaviour. As a result, these had tended not to be included in assessment and training programmes.

Originally published in 1995, Ageing, Neuropsychology and the ‘New’ Dementias introduces the concepts of neuropsychology and behaviour and the recent research on dementia to equip the professional user with the most up-to-date knowledge of these influences on ageing.  This practical resource fills the gaps in knowledge and practice by providing a wealth of explanations, suggestions for assessments and approaches to common problems encountered with this age group. Chapters focus on such issues as: recognizing the problems of head injuries, misinterpreted behaviour and impairments to brain function; re-examining the concept of dementia; management, rehabilitation and training; community care.

This text would be invaluable to nurses, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, psychologists and other health professionals working with the elderly.


Preface. 1. Recognizing the Problem 2. Realistic Assessment 3. Re-examining the Concept of Dementia 4. More ‘New’ Dementias 5. Head Injury and Older People 6. Management, Rehabilitation and Retraining 7. Community Care. Appendix A: Definitions. Appendix B: Hyperventilation Guidelines. Appendix C: Suggested Guidelines for Communication Difficulties. Index.