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Allergy and Allergen Immunotherapy: New Mechanisms and Strategies

ISBN: 9781774636657
ISBN: 9781774636657

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  • illustrates the basic mechanisms of allergy
  • presents the in vivo and in vitro methods of allergy diagnosis
  • provides in-depth information on monitoring, distribution, and application of aerobiology in allergy practices
  • provides knowledge on airborne pollen and fungi in indoor and outdoor air of Europe, USA, India, and Iran
  • explores the impact of meteorological factors on pollen allergens
  • presents a detailed methodology for the assessment of allergenicity of genetically engineered foods
  • reviews the merits of SCIT (subcutaneous immunotherapy, or allergy shots) and SLIT (sublingual immunotherapy) techniques of allergen specific immunotherapy


Allergy and Allergen Immunotherapy: New Mechanisms and Strategies is a valuable and comprehensive book that covers allergy and causative allergens and provides diagnostic and therapeutic aspects as well. With chapters from internationally recognized experts in the field, the book provides a balanced approach to enumerating pollen allergens as well as allergy diagnosis and therapeutic management and safety assessment of genetically engineered food allergens.

The book features a special section on allergic diseases and allergens from tropical countries, including such countries such as India, Sri Lanka, Iran, and South Korea, giving the book a global appeal.

The book is broken in the following sections:

  • Epidemiology, Pathophysiology, and Diagnosis of Allergy
  • Aerobiology and Allergic Diseases
  • Pollen Allergy in the Tropics and Temperate Regions
  • Allergy in Children
  • Food Allergy Evaluation
  • Allergen Immunotherapy and Anti IgE

The book deals not only on basics of allergy and allergen immunotherapy but also discusses indoor environments and safety considerations of genetically modified food allergens. The first of its kind volume from the Indian subcontinent that caters to the needs of clinicians, aerobiologists, environmentalists, and regulatory agencies as well, the volume will be of immense interest for clinicians and patients of allergy as well as diagnostic and therapeutic management of allergy in tropics.


Sensitization to Allergens: Epidemiology and Pathophysiology


P. A. Mahesh and Amrutha D. Holla

In-Vivo and In-Vitro Diagnosis of Allergy


P. A. Mridula and P. A. Mahesh

Aerobiology Associated with Allergy


A. B. Singh and Chandni Mathur

Meteorological and Clinical Analysis of Aeroallergen Data: Increase in Allergy and Asthma Cases in Texas Panhandle


Nabarun Ghosh, Griselda Estrada, Mitsy Veloz, Danius Bouyi, Jon Bennert, Jeff Bennert, Constantine Saadeh, and Chandini Revanna

Airborne Pollen in Europe


C. Galan, A. Dahl, G. Frenguelli, and Gehrig

Indoor Pollutants with Special Reference to Health and Hygiene


Rajiv R. Sahay and Alan L. Wozniak

Pollen Allergy in Iran


Mohammad-Ali Assarehzadegan

Allergy An Emerging Epidemic: Sri Lankan Scenario


Anura Weerasinghe

Allergenic Pollen and Pollen Allergy in Europe


D Amato et al.

Pollen Allergy and Meteorological Factors


Jae-Won Oh

Allergies in India : A Clinicians Viewpoint


Wiqar Shaikh and Shifa Wiqar Shaikh


Allergic Rhinitis in Children


Major K. Nagaraju

Current Consensus on Childhood Asthma


H. Paramesh

Food Allergy Insomina


G. Hassan, M. Ismail, T. Masood, and S. Saheer

Science Based Evaluation of Potential Risks of Food Allergy from Genetically Engineered Crops


R. E. Goodman

Specific Immunotherapy: Principles and Practice


Wiqar Shaikh and Shifa Wiqar Shaikh

Allergen Immunotherapy


S. Narmada Ashok and P. K. Vedanthan


Sub Lingual Immuno Therapy


Paranjothy Kanni, Nagendra Prasad Komarla, and A. B. Singh

Anti IgE Therapy in Allergic Asthma and Allergic Rhinitis


Agam Vora