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Amyloidosis and Fabry Disease. A Clinical Guide

ISBN: 9783031177613
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This book presents a multispecialty and multidisciplinary approach on Amyloidosis and Fabry disease. These two “rare” diseases are underdiagnosed and have systemic peculiarities that should be emphasized for diagnosis. In both cases, early diagnosis is important for initiating treatment sooner, achieving better prognosis, and improving patients’ quality of life.

The history of these patients, in general, involves a long journey among health professionals to obtain a diagnosis. Even after a patient is diagnosed, there are still difficulties in understanding these complex diseases, managing complications, and defining specific treatment. Therefore, this work will be a valuable resource for many healthcare professionals, including physicians of various specialties, nurses, physiotherapists, and medical students. It will also be of interest to patients who would like to understand Amyloidosis and Fabry disease.

The content will give healthcare professionals a clinical perspective and provide insights on proper care. Readers will be able to recognize the symptoms related to each disease and will be guided during diagnosis and treatment. Chapters include an overview on clinical course, and will address neurological, ophthalmological, dermatological, gastrointestinal, hematological and cardiology manifestations, orthopedic care, mutations, expressiveness according to epigenetics and multidisciplinary treatment. Chapter authors from around the world will contribute sharing their experience in managing these diseases.