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Anatomy Regional, Surgical, and Applied 1st Edition

ISBN: 9781032321141
ISBN: 9781032321141
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An easy-to-read book written by students for students, edited by senior clinicians and anatomy academics, with contributions from leading anatomists and clinicians. Anatomical facts are correlated with clinical settings, especially medical emergencies, and important points are highlighted with clear learning points. The text is supplemented by diagrams and images, which form an essential part of this book. It covers the students’ learning objectives in undergraduate anatomy curricula and helps in preparing them for practical and written exams. It forms a solid foundation for future clinical exams based on the knowledge of anatomical facts in a clinical setting.

Key Features
• Presents a concise, accessible guide to regional and clinically applied anatomy, which clearly demonstrates to students the level of knowledge required for medical and healthcare-related curricula
• Uses high-quality clinical and intraoperative images integrated into the text to emphasizes important topics through bullet points
• Features logically arranged sections, each devoted to a body region or system, which includes a self-test quiz, with the single best answer and spotter-style questions


Section One: Neuroanatomy
Richard Dyball, Valentina Gnoni

Section Two: Anatomy of the Head and Neck
Qassim Baker, David Sunnucks, Georga Longhurst

Section Three: Anatomy of the Upper Limb
Philip Adds, Joanna Tomlinson

Section Four: Anatomy of the Thorax
Qassim Baker, Mohammed Al Janabi

Section Five: Anatomy of the Abdomen
Qassim Baker, David Sunnucks

Section Six: Anatomy of the Pelvis and Perineum
Paul Carter, Qassim Baker, Philip Adds

Section Seven: Anatomy of the Lower Limb
Philip Adds, Joanna Tomlinson