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Anesthesia for Congenital Heart Disease

ISBN: 9781405120609
ISBN: 9781405120609
Εκδόσεις: Blackwell Science

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Anesthesia for Congenital Heart Disease will provide a state of the art summary of the many changes occurring in this rapidly evolving field over the last decade. The unique value of this book is that all chapters are written by leaders in the field of congenital cardiac anesthesia, who perform large numbers of cases clinically, and contribute important knowledge to the research literature, both clinical and basic science. A wide range of contributors from all of the major congenital heart surgery programs in North America give a broad range of perspectives not seen in previous texts in this field. This text will be the leading book in this subspeciality – the most comprehensive, detailed and specific, from the perspective of multiple institutions. Emphasis on new and emerging developments in anesthetic drugs and techniques occurs in each chapter. New chapters on subjects that have never before been addressed in a textbook of pediatric cardiac anesthesia include cardiac catheterization laboratory anesthesia, computers and technology, neurologic monitoring, bleeding and coagulation, approach to the teenager and adult, approach to the premature newborn, the inflammatory response, regional anesthesia and pain management, airway and ventilatory management, dysrhythmia management, non–cardiac surgery and cardiac magnetic resonance imaging; and research, teaching and administration.