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Animal-Assisted Therapy in Counseling

ISBN: 9781032193465
ISBN: 9781032193465
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The fourth edition of Animal-Assisted Therapy in Counseling is the most comprehensive book available dedicated to training mental-health practitioners in the performance of animal assisted therapy in counseling.

This edition includes material on real-world animal-assisted interventions featuring counselor-client dialogues and sample therapeutic opportunities. Each chapter still includes the most recent research and practice, and a wide variety of case examples present animal-assisted interventions in different settings with different types of animals.

This unique resource is an indispensable guide for any counselor or psychotherapist looking to develop and implement animal-assisted therapy techniques in practice.


1. An Introduction to Animal-Assisted Therapy 2. Research in Animal-Assisted Counseling and Related Areas 3. Selecting an Animal for Therapy Work 4. Training a Pet for Therapy Work 5. Evaluation of a Pet for Therapy Work 6. Animal Communication, Risk Management, and Ethics in Animal-Assisted Counseling 7. Animal-Assisted Interventions and Counseling Theories 8. Animal-Assisted Counseling Practices 9. Equine-Assisted Counseling 10. A Variety of Animal-Assisted Therapy Applications 11. Sensitivity to Cultural Differences and Populations with Special Needs 12. Crisis and Disaster Response Counseling with Therapy Animals 13. Establishing a School-Based Program for Animal-Assisted Counseling 14. International Considerations and Applications of Animal-Assisted Therapy Appendices