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Anthropometry Human Body Measurements and How to Use Them

ISBN: 9781032587790
ISBN: 9781032587790
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Today, human factors and ergonomics professionals worldwide contribute to the design and evaluation of tasks, jobs, products, environments, and systems in order to make them compatible with the needs, abilities, and limitations of people. By understanding anthropometry, professionals can ensure that our home and working environments are comfortable and designed with the human in mind. This book aims to show how an understanding of anthropometrics can influence workspace design, ergonomics in the office, ergonomics in the home, and health and safety at work.

This book discusses the measurement of the human body and human variability. Anthropometry may seem to be relatively simple but the reality is that it focuses on very sophisticated aspects of how to make the products tailor-made to suit specific requirements. As a study, it is useful for a variety of purposes such as workspace design, ergonomics in the office, ergonomics in the home, and health and safety at work. These eleven chapters investigate anthropometrics and bridge the gap between theory and practice. Each chapter is supported by tables, charts, and illustrations, and a wide list of bibliographic references. The reader will develop new insights into the principles and practice of anthropometrics with this book bringing the topic right up to date.

Anthropometry: Human Body Measurements and How to Use Them will be of interest to students, graduates, teachers, researchers, and general workers in industrial design, ergonomics, rehabilitation, safety, and health.


1. Anthropometry: The Past, the Present, and the Future

Beata Mrugalska and Waldemar Karwowski


2. Anthropometry: Definition, Uses, and Methods of Measurements

R. E. Herron


3. Keyword: Body Sizes of Americans

K. H. E. Kroemer


4. Anthropometric Databases

R. E. Herron


5. Engineering Anthropometry

K. H. E. Kroemer


6. Anthropometry for Design

Ewa Nowak


7. Ergonomic Workstation Design

B. Das


8. Anthropometric Topography

Zhizhong Li


9. Anthropometry of Children

Ewa Nowak


10. Anthropometry for the Needs of the Elderly

Ewa Nowak


11. Anthropometry for the Needs of Rehabilitation

Ewa Nowak