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Anxiety and Depression in Primary Care International Perspectives 1st Edition

ISBN: 9781032479514
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This book provides practical information about depression and anxiety in primary care, with a focus on the approach in different countries and incorporating global ranges/prevalence, risk factors and health burden including that associated with COVID-19 and its pandemic.

To ensure the challenges of a wide international primary care community are reflected fully, authors from different world regions – Africa, Asia Pacific, East Mediterranean, Europe, IberoAmericana-CIMF, North America and South Asia – have co-contributed to individual chapters on the detection and management of depression and anxiety in primary care in their own countries, including the screening tools used, how widely these tools are adopted and by whom, and current policies. As well as the medical model, it also presents the alternative viewpoint that feeling low or anxious is part of the human condition and the attention should be on supporting people in their journey through life, struggling to deal with the mainly social challenges they meet, rather than defining these problems as disorders or diseases requiring identification and treatment.

Key Features:

    • Explores the instruments used for the detection of depression and anxiety in primary care in various countries, and why and how these instruments are being used


    • Describes the pharmaceutical and non-drug interventions for treating depression and anxiety in primary care and compares the similarities and differences in detecting and managing depression and anxiety in primary care among different countries


    • Includes in-depth regional examples of how screening tools are used in practice and how policies can be established in the management of depression and anxiety in primary care


    • Concludes with lessons learned from various countries and from different stakeholders with clear advice on what to do and, importantly, what not to do

Addressing primary care detection and management of mental health issues across the globe, the book will be an invaluable practical aid for family medicine practitioners and the wider primary and community care teams and a useful reference for those involved in policy setting at regional and national levels including ministries of health.


Chapter 1 – Global perspective on depression and anxiety

Dawit Wondimagegn


Chapter 2 – Alternative approaches to the ‘diagnose and treat’ models of care

Richard Bying


Chapter 3 – Assessment for depression and anxiety in primary care

3.1 The case for and against screening

Felicity Goodyear-Smith

3.2 Tools used for assessing and screening for depression and anxiety in primary care

Sherina Mohd-Sidik and Felicity Goodyear-Smith


Chapter 4 – Depression and anxiety in primary care in Africa

4.1 Depression and anxiety in Ethiopia

Dawit Wondimagegn

4.2 Depression and anxiety in Ghana

Henry Lawson

4.3 Depression and anxiety in Nigeria

Tijani Oseni

4.4 Depression and anxiety in South Africa

Vanessa Lomas and Bob Mash


Chapter 5 – Depression and anxiety in primary care in Asia Pacific

5.1 Depression and anxiety in Australia

Alison Flehr, Cath Kaylor-Hughes, Caroline Johnson and Jane Gunn

5.2 Depression and anxiety in Hong Kong

Amy Ng, Weng Yee Chin and Julie Chen

5.3 Depression and anxiety in Malaysia

Sherina Mohd-Sidik, Noor Ani Ahmad and Nurashikin Ibrahim


Chapter 6 – Depression and anxiety in primary care in the East Mediterranean

6.1 Depression and anxiety in Egypt

Nagwa Nashat

6.2 Depression and anxiety in Tunisia

Malek Chaabouni and Asma Chaabouni


Chapter 7 – Depression and anxiety in primary care in Europe

7.1 Depression and anxiety in Greece

Christos Lionis

7.2 Depression and anxiety in Luxemburg

Raquel Gomez Bravo

7.3 Depression and anxiety in Turkey

Serap Cifcili, Pemra Unalan and Sabah Tuzun

7.4 Depression and anxiety in the United Kingdom

Amanda Howe


Chapter 8 – Depression and anxiety in primary care in Ibero-americana

8.1 Depression and anxiety in Argentina

Lidia Caballero and Matias Tonnelier

8.2 Depression and anxiety in Brazil

Adelson Jansch

8.3 Depression and anxiety in Ecuador

Miriann Verdugo


Chapter 9 – Depression and anxiety in primary care in North America

9.1 Depression and anxiety in Canada

Alan Ng Cheng Hin

9.2 Depression and anxiety in USA

Lesca Hadley and Thomas Shima


Chapter 10 – Depression and anxiety in primary care in South Asia

10.1 Depression and anxiety in Nepal

Pramendra Prasad Gupta

10.2 Depression and anxiety in Pakistan

Saniya Sabzwari


Chapter 11 – Depression and anxiety in migrant, refugee and war-zone populations

11.1 Screening of migrants in Canada

David Ponka

11.2 Screening of refugees in Turkey awaiting migration

Mehmet Ungman and Aysegul Cömert

11.3 Mental health disorders, anxiety and depression in Ukrainians associated with war and migration

Victoria Tkachenko


Chapter 12 – Interventions for treating depression and anxiety in primary care

12.1 ‘Watchful Waiting’ – a powerful approach

Anna Stavdal and Susan Senstad

12.2 Psychotherapeutic interventions for depression and anxiety in primary care

Vinicius Jobim Fischer, Raquel Gómez Bravo and Alice Einloft Brunnet

12.3 Use of pharmaceutical interventions for primary care management of depression and anxiety

Allen Shaughnessy, Lisa Cosgrove and Kate DeGeorge


Chapter 13 Improving practice

13.1 NICE guidelines on depression and anxiety

Sherina Mohd-Sidik and Felicity Goodyear-Smith

13.2 A team approach to health and well-being in primary care – the Aotearoa New Zealand example

Felicity Goodyear-Smith

13.3 Integrating physical and mental health services in primary care

Mehmet Akman


Chapter 14 Conclusion

Felicity Goodyear-Smith, Sherina Mohd-Sidik