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Artifacts in Clinical Neurophysiology

ISBN: 9780826169341
ISBN: 9780826169341

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This atlas serves as a comprehensive working reference for a wide range of clinicians practicing in the field of clinical neurophysiology, including adult and pediatric neurologists, epileptologists, neurocritical care specialists, and electroneurodiagnostic technologists. Covering EEG, EMG, MEG, evoked potentials, sleep and autonomic studies, EP, and intraoperative monitoring techniques, expert authors share examples of common and novel artifacts and highlight signature features to help practitioners recognize patterns and make accurate distinctions. This visual compendium of information in atlas format addresses the artifact in all areas of clinical neurophysiology and highlights the traps and pitfalls that can taint studies and lead to misdiagnosis if not properly identified.

Atlas of Artifacts in Clinical Neurophysiology provides full-page examples of waveforms and recordings to enhance appreciation of the nuances involved in distinguishing artifacts from neurological findings that require intervention. With the most up to date information available on artifact present during procedures in both adult and pediatric patients, this book provides readers with an in-depth understanding of artifact interpretation that is essential to any clinician working in the field of clinical neurophysiology given the ubiquitous nature of artifact during electrophysiological recording.

Key Features:

  • The only dedicated reference on artifacts in all areas of clinical neurophysiologic testing
  • Large-format examples of both common and unusual artifacts encountered in each procedure category
  • Up-to-date text in each chapter provides greater depth of explanation
  • Draws on the expertise and clinical wisdom of leading practitioners to develop mastery in recognizing artifacts and avoiding diagnostic pitfalls
  • Includes access to the digital book

Dimensions 216 x 279 x 25

Illustrations 150 illustrations

Format: Hardback


  • Preface by William O. Tatum
  • Clinical Neurophysiology by Edward C. Mader Jr., Daniella Miller, and Piotr W. Olejniczak
  • Equipment and Instrumentation by Jonathan J. Halford
  • Pediatric CNP by Gloria Galloway and Thoru Yamada
  • Neuromonitoring by Jason L. Siegel and David Freeman
  • ICU EEG by Nishi Rampal, Carolina B. Maciel, and Lawrence J. Hirsch
  • EEG Pediatric by Erika Tackle Axeen and Phillip L. Pearl
  • EEG Adult by William O. Tatum
  • MEG by Christos Papadelis, Michel AlHilani, and Phillip L. Pearl
  • EMG and NCV by Devon I. Rubin and Ruple S. Laughlin
  • Autonomic CNP by William P. Cheshire
  • Sleep by Madeleine Grigg-Damberger
  • EP by Alan D. Legatt
  • NIOM by Aatif M. Husain
  • Artifact Reduction by Tasneem F. Hasan and William O. Tatum
  • Epilogue by William O. Tatum