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Atlas of Forensic and Criminal Psychology 1st Edition

ISBN: 9781032216980
ISBN: 9781032216980
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Originally published in Spanish in 2017 by Libreria Bosch, Barcelona, the Atlas of Forensic and Criminal Psychology is a one-of-kind book made available in English for the first time. This unique work is highly illustrated with full-color images, providing a medico-legal examination of forensic pathology as it relates to cases of forensic psychological interest.


The book begins with a historical perspective and includes images of patients to familiarize the reader with symptoms, the hazard-risk criteria, lethality, and suicidal rescue—research that Dr. Tiffon has addressed in his previous publications. Chapters present photographic records of cases to deepen forensic, psychologist, and medico-legal professionals’ insight into thoughts, behaviors, and mechanisms of self- and hetero-aggressiveness. Such cases illustrate the outcomes of various disorders manifested in individuals and victims; as such, they provide an understanding of the psychological-legal conclusions reached in such cases in order to adapt the legal and preventative measures for specific situations.


Coverage includes affective, schizophrenic, and personality disorders as contributing elements in diagnostic judgments, noting the great difficulty such examples present to experts performing psychopathological evaluations after criminal, and often violent, events have occurred. Various psychopathological disorders are addressed as well as the technical treatment that should occur in each case from a psychological-forensic perspective.



• Presents a provocative look at various syndromes familiar to forensic psychologists, as applied to criminal cases and the pathology of suicide victims and homicide perpetrators

• Combines the work of world-renowned expert contributors to examine the criminal, legal, and psychological facets of various diagnoses and case examples

• Offers insight into the psychological state of suicide victims, considering their state of mind as a “psychological autopsy”


In his previous books published in Spanish, Manual of Consulting in Psychology and Clinical, Legal, Legal, Criminal, and Forensic Psychopathology (2008), Manual of Professional Performance in Clinical, Criminal, and Forensic Psychopathology (2009), and the 4-volume Practical Criminological Atlas of Forensic Psychometry (2019-2020), Tiffon approached forensic psychology and psychopathology from a theoretical perspective. In the Atlas of Forensic and Criminal Psychology, his first book translated into English, Tiffon expands on these prior works, serving to provide a visual reference and guide to medical pathologists and consulting psychologists in cases of disorders in which psychopathological mutilation, injury, and self-injury occur.


An Introduction: The Psychological Perspective – For the English Language Edition

Dr. John F. Fielder, M. D.

Medicolegal Perspective: A Prelude

Dr. Jorge González Fernández

The Psychiatric Perspective: A Prelude

Dr. Josep Solé Puig

Legal Overview: Circumstances That Affect Criminal Liability

Dr. Toni Pascual y Cadena

Author’s Justification

Dr. Bernat-N. Tiffon

Mood (Affective) Disorders

Schizophrenic disorders

Borderline Personality Disorder

Case Study without Mitigating Circumstances of Criminal Responsibility Due to Psychological Cause

Intentionality vs. Mental disorder

Cocaine consumption

Final Conclusion

Dr. Bernat-N. Tiffon

A Forensic Psychology Summary

Dr. César San Juan Guillén

Overview from a Legal, Criminological and Psychological Perspective

Dr. José Manuel Rodríguez González


Dr. Tomás Gil Márquez