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Atlas of Male Genitourethral Surgery

The Illustrated Guide

ISBN: 9781444335569
ISBN: 9781444335569

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The Illustrated Guide

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This book provides a step-by-step guide to penile surgery suitable for trainee urologists later in their training or for already qualified urologists who wish to expand their practice. Each chapter contains an introduction to the particular condition and its challenge, a step-by-step illustrated guide to procedures, and offers surgical tips for improved techniques and outcomes.


List of Contributors

1 Surgical Anatomy of the Male External Genitalia
Vishy Mahadevan

2 Basic Perioperative Considerations for Genitourethral Surgery
Iqbal S. Shergill, Manit Arya and Anthony R. Mundy

3 Basic Surgical Techniques
A. Mosahebi and Alex Woollard

4 Congenital Penile Abnormalities
Nicol C. Bush and Warren T. Snodgrass

5 Surgical Management of Cryptorchidism and Testicular Tumours
Manit Arya, Imran Mushtaq and Abraham Cherian

6 Surgery for Penile Curvature
Laurence A. Levine, Jonas Benson and Asif Muneer

7 Surgery for Erectile Dysfunction
Majid Shabbir, Asif Muneer and Suks Minhas

8 Augmentation Procedures for the Penis
Giulio Garaffa and David John Ralph; Additional contribution from Salvatore Sansalone

9 Surgery for Male Infertility
Nim Christopher and Asif Muneer

10 Urethral Reconstruction and Artificial Urinary Sphincters
Daniela E. Andrich and Anthony R. Mundy

11 Surgical Treatment of Penile Cancer
Simon Horenblas

12 Penile Reconstruction
Giulio Garaffa and David J. Ralph; Additional contribution from Peter R. Malone

13 Surgery for benign scrotal and foreskin conditions
Laurence A. Levine, Jonas Benson and Rowland Rees

14 Genitourethral Emergencies
Rowland Rees and David J. Ralph; Additional contribution from Nim Christopher and Duncan Summerton