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Atlas of Sonography of Parathyroid

ISBN: 9789811979187
ISBN: 9789811979187
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This comprehensive atlas covers various common and uncommon cases of parathyroid disorders encountered in the day to day radiological practice. It serves as an illustrative database with numerous state of the art images of the diverse imaging features of parathyroid nodules and their correlation with various other imaging modalities. The book includes videos as well. It covers the typical and atypical ultrasound features of parathyroid nodules, their color Doppler findings and Sestamibi correlation. Size of the nodules detected range from small sub-centimeter nodules measuring between 6-15 mm, where often the sestamibi scan is negative, and diagnostic ultrasound scan is quite vital in management of these cases. The larger nodules range in size to be even larger than the thyroid gland and completely compressing and displacing the thyroid gland, which often leads to a missed diagnosis on initial imaging.

Chapters cover tips and tricks in scanning along with various pitfalls. Additionally, it covers parathyroid nodules diagnosed on ultrasound in Sestamibi negative cases, localization of additional parathyroid nodules and parathyroid carcinoma. It covers correlation with surgical findings and includes histopathology images where relevant. 

The book serves as a teaching tool for radiologists, ENT surgeons, head and neck surgeons, general surgeons, endocrinologists, nephrologists, gastroenterologists, medical oncologists and radiation oncologists involved in the management of parathyroid disorders.