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Ball and Moore’s Essential Physics for Radiographers

ISBN: 9781405161015
ISBN: 9781405161015

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Since its first edition in 1980, Essential Physics for Radiographers has earned an international reputation as a clear and straightforward introduction to the physics of radiography. Now in its fourth edition, this book remains a core textbook for student radiographers. The authors have retained the pragmatic approach of earlier editions and continue to target the book particularly at those students who find physics a difficult subject to grasp. The fourth edition builds on the major revisions introduced in the third edition. The content has been updated to reflect recent advances in imaging technology. The chapter on Radiation Safety has been completely rewritten in the light of the latest changes in relevant legislation, and a re-examination of the physical principles underpinning magnetic resonance imaging forms the basis of a new chapter. Worked examples and calculations again feature strongly, and the innovative and popular Maths Help File, guides readers gently through the mathematical steps and concepts involved. The reference citations have been updated and now include Internet sources.


How to use the Maths Help File
1 General Physics 1
2 Internal Energy, Temperature and Heat 14
3 Electricity 29
4 Atomic Structure 38
5 Electric Charge and Potential 55
6 Conduction and Storage of Electric Charges 67
7 Current Electricity 82
8 Magnetism and Electromagnetism 114
9 Electromagnetic Induction 132
10 Alternating Current 140
11 Thermionic Emission 162
12 X-Ray Tubes 169
13 Solid-State Devices 185
14 Electromagnetic Radiation 201
15 Light 224
16 X-Rays 245
17 Interaction of X-Rays and Gamma Rays with Matter 261
18 X-Ray and Gamma-Ray Interaction with Tissues 287
19 X-Ray and Gamma-Ray Measurements (Dosimetry) 295
20 Radioactivity and Radionuclide Imaging 315
21 Radiation Safety 337
22 Ultrasound 359
23 Magnetic Resonance Imaging 373
Appendix Maths Help File
References and Bibliography