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Anesthesia Intensive Care and Pain in Neonates and Children -LAS

ISBN: 9788847006553
ISBN: 9788847006553

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Anesthesia Intensive Care and Pain in Neonates and Children -LAS

Άμεσα Διαθέσιμο


  • First of a new series aimed at providing a thorough update on basic and advanced aspects of anesthesia and intensive care in neonates and children
  • Deals with key topics in pediatric anaesthesia, such as preoperative evaluation, anaesthesia induction, monitoring of anaesthesia
  • Includes contributions from anesthesiologists from The Hospital for Sick Children, which is affiliated with the University of Toronto and is Canadas most research-intensive hospital

This volume deals with the basic aspects of anesthesia, intensive care and pain in neonates and children. The topics covered include anatomy and physiology, strategies that can be applied to the treatment of these patients, and the use of “off-label” pharmacological agents in pediatric perioperative medicine. Internationally recognized guidelines aimed at standardizing the most important procedures, such as the treatment of hypothermia, central venous catheterization techniques and prevention of catheter-induced infections are also discussed. The last part of the book is focused more on clinical and technical aspects of anesthesia induction and monitoring. The book will be a useful update for neonatologists, pediatricians and anesthesiologists in their clinical practice, and an educational tool for residents in these fields.