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Basics of CRISPR/Cas Mediated Plant Genome Editing

ISBN: 9781032162379
ISBN: 9781032162379



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CRISPR/Cas has emerged, as a powerful genetic engineering tool. It is simple yet highly affordable and robust. This book provides a basic introduction to the mechanism and architecture of the CRISPR/Cas. It enlightens the readers about the new advancements such as gene insertion, transcriptional activation, suppression, gene tagging, multiplexing, base editing, prime editing, and tissue culture free editing which makes it easier for crop improvement. With such technologies, application of genome editing has opened new paths for crop improvements and sustainable agriculture. The current book will be useful for beginners to understand these tools and how to use them in a better and more efficient way.



Introduction to Genome Editing Tool in Plants  

Navjot Kaur, Zienab Ahmed, Anshu Alok and Jitesh Kumar

The Mechanism of CRISPR and Its Classification

Alka Jangra, Garima Sharma, Siddhant Chaturvedi and Vinod Chhokar

Classification of the CRISPR/Cas System

Mitrabinda Panda, Seema Pradhan and Late. Ajay Parida

Emergence of CRISPR Technology Bringing Revolution in Plant Biotechnology

Nandita Thakur, Phanikanth Jogam and Baohong Zhang

CRISPR/Cas Delivery Methods in Plants

Neetu Singh Kushwah, Shristi Verma, Meenal Rathore and NP Singh

Bioinformatics Approaches to Guide RNA Designing and Off-target Prediction

Vinita Sharma, Himanshu Sharma, Chibuikem Unamba, Joy Roy and Abhishek Bhandawat

Importance of Tissue Culture in Genome Editing

Bushra Hafeez Kiani

Multiplex Genome Editing Approaches for the Plant Genetic Manipulations

Sukhmandeep Kaur, Sanskriti Vats, Bharti Aggarwal, Jashandeep Kaur and Anupriya Bhardwaj

Transcriptional Activation and Suppression using CRISPR/Cas9: A Plant’s Outlook

Ayyagari Ramlal, Hardik Singhal, Kamal Kumar, Lalit Kumar, Vimal Pandey and Sahil Mehta

CRISPR/Cas-Based Genome Editing for Soybean Improvement

Ashita Bisht, Dinesh Kumar Saini, Pankaj Kumar and B S Gill

Application of CRISPR Technology in Plant Salt Tolerance and Membrane Proteins

Debajyoti Dutta and Prabir Kumar Das