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Berkowitz’s Pediatrics A Primary Care Approach

ISBN: 9781610023726
ISBN: 9781610023726

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The reference of choice for pediatricians, residents and medical students, the newly revised and expanded 6th edition provides clear, practice-oriented guidance on the core knowledge in pediatrics. Edited by a leading primary care authority with more than one hundred contributors, the 6th edition provides comprehensive coverage of hundreds of topics ranging from temper tantrums and toilet training to adolescent depression and suicide.

More than 155 (including 5 brand new) clinical chapters review pertinent epidemiology and pathophysiology, then give concise guidelines on what symptoms to look for, what alternative diagnoses to consider, what tests to order, and how to treat your patient.

New in the 6th edition

  • All chapters have been reviewed and updated to address current issues.
  • Five new chapters are included on the following:
    • Health Systems Science
    • Population Health for Pediatricians
    • Social Determinants of Health: Principles
    • Adverse Childhood Experiences: Trauma Informed Care
    • Commercially Exploited Children and Human Trafficking
    • Student worksheets corresponding to each chapter’s case study questions will be posted online in a user-friendly format so that they can be completed in preparation of discussions.
    • Case study questions have been enhanced; resources, revised; and acronyms added as an appendix.
    • This edition is completely reorganized into 15 sections using a systems-based approach.