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Blood Flow Restriction Training

ISBN: 9789814968935
ISBN: 9789814968935
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Strength training is a complex task calling for a comprehensive knowledge of the physiological basis of muscle contraction as well as the principles of strength training and the different methods used. This book overviews the physiology of muscular hypertrophy, preassessment while planning a rehabilitation regime, practical applications of blood flow restriction training (BFRT) in various clinical scenarios and their evidence, and future scope of BFRT in the health and fitness industry. The book discusses physiology of muscles and introduces BFRT along with its historical perspective as well as training methods and applications in various populations. It presents treatment protocols that allow additional benefits to hasten rehabilitation and early functional independence. It particularly focuses on the application of BFRT as an innovative strengthening method, the basic characteristics and application advice, and the beneficial combinations with other interventions. It distinctively describes a large number of practical applications from the perspective of different clinicians and researchers, offering a direct inside view of the procedure for the utilization of BFRT. The book is helpful for health and fitness experts dealing with strengthening methods; advanced undergraduate- and graduate-level students in physiotherapy, physical education, and fitness courses; researchers in physiotherapy and rehabilitation; and general readers, especially those with an interest in strength training.


1. Normal Physiology of Skeletal Muscle and Physiology of Hypertrophy

2. Historical Perspective and Introduction to Blood Flow Restriction Training

3. Instrumentation and Training Methods Used in BFRT

4. Indications Contraindications and Side Effects of Blood Flow Restriction Training

5. Application of Blood Flow Restriction Training in a Healthy Population

6. Practical Applications of Blood Flow Restriction Training

7. Current Evidence and Future Trends of BFRT Application