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Bone Stress Injuries. Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention

ISBN: 9780826144232
ISBN: 9780826144232
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“This book gives a nice summary of the current state of diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of bone stress injuries. It is particularly useful for sports medicine fellows and residents with an interest in athletes and active patients.” —Doody’s Review Service, 3 stars

Bone stress injuries are commonly seen in athletes and active individuals across a full spectrum of physical activity, age, and gender. While most overuse injuries can be addressed through non-operative care, injuries may progress to full fractures that require surgery if misdiagnosed or not correctly managed. Written by leaders in sports medicine including physical medicine and rehabilitation, orthopaedics, endocrinology and allied health professionals of biomechanics, physical therapy and dietetics, Bone Stress Injuries offers state-of-the-art guidelines and up-to-date science and terminology to practitioners. Using a holistic approach to understand the management of bone stress injuries, this book highlights specific considerations by injury, gender, and risk factor to ensure that a comprehensive treatment plan can be developed to optimize bone health, neuromuscular re-education, gait mechanics, and injury prevention.

Organized into four parts, opening chapters cover the general need-to-know topics, including clinical history, imaging, and risk factors including biological and biomechanical factors. The book proceeds anatomically through the body from upper extremity to foot and ankle injuries, with each chapter underscoring diagnostic and treatment strategies specific to that region. Chapters dedicated to special populations discuss the differences in injury evaluation and management according to age, gender, and military background. Final chapters review the prevention of injuries and examine both common and novel treatment strategies, such as medications, nutrition, gait retraining, orthobiologics, and other interventions. Invaluable in its scope and approach, Bone Stress Injuries is the go-to resource for sports medicine physicians, physiatrists, and primary care providers who manage the care of athletes and individuals leading active lifestyles.

Key Features:

  • Promotes evidence-based practice for diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of bone stress injuries
  • Covers specific anatomy that is prone to bone stress injuries with dedicated chapters on upper and lower extremities, pelvis and hip, spine, and foot and ankle
  • Considers evaluation and management differences according to specific populations of pediatric, male, female, and military personnel
  • Discusses emerging strategies to treat bone stress injuries, such as gait retraining, orthobiologics, and other non-pharmacological treatments
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Chapter 1. History and Evaluation by Stuart J. Warden

Chapter 2. Diagnostic Imaging by Katherine Fahy, Aurelia Nattiv, and Michael Fredericson

Chapter 3. Biological Risk Factors by Haylee Borgstrom and Adam S. Tenforde

Chapter 4. Biomechanical Risk Factors by Richard W. Willy


Chapter 5. Upper Extremity Injuries by Kristine Karlson

Chapter 6. Lower Extremity Injuries by Kevin M. Mullins and Michael Fredericson

Chapter 7. Pelvis and Hip Injuries by Kate Temme and Rahul Kapur

Chapter 8. Spine Injuries by Erin Moix Grieb, Aleksei Dingel, James Policy, and Kevin G. Shea

Chapter 9. Foot and Ankle Low-Risk Injuries by Stephanie R. Douglas, Karen L. Troy, and Adam S. Tenforde

Chapter 10. Foot and Ankle High-Risk Injuries by David E. Oji


Chapter 11. Pediatric Athletes by Stephanie DeLuca and Emily Kraus

Chapter 12. Male Athletes by Andrea Kussman

Chapter 13. Female Athletes by Megan Roche, Emily Miller Olson, and Emily Kraus

Chapter 14. Military Stress Fractures by Charles Milgrom


Chapter 15. Prevention of Bone Stress Injuries by Ken Vitale, Adam S. Tenforde, and Michael Fredericson

Chapter 16. Medications by Madhusmita Misra

Chapter 17. Gait Retraining by Irene S. Davis and Karen L. Troy

Chapter 18. Nutrition by Laura Moretti and Nicole Farnsworth

Chapter 19. Emerging Treatments by Brian W. Fullem and Amol Saxena

Chapter 20. Orthobiologics and Injections in Bone Stress Injuries by Alexande Lloyd, Matthew C. Sherrier, and Kentaro Onishi