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Breast Disease Management

A Multidisciplinary Manual

ISBN: 9780199215065
ISBN: 9780199215065

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A Multidisciplinary Manual

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  • Contains the latest guidance and evidence base to enable reliable and well-informed decision-making
  • Gives clear management plans for common benign and malignant breast conditions, helping to unpick what can feel like very complex care processes
  • Gives a clear and accessible description of the patient journey from assessment through to treatment and recovery, enabling all health care professionals to comprehend the full care process and their role within it
  • Includes discussion of current controversial topics including margins, NHSBSP and axillary surgery, enabling the care team to answer patients concerns accurately and honestly
  • Includes many detailed line diagrams, giving clarification on surgical anatomy as well as the latest statistics

Breast cancer affects 1 in 10 women and the majority of UK women will attend a breast clinic at least once during their lives. The patients journey through assessment and management is one that involves a huge range of healthcare professionals, in which the truly multidisciplinary management style required has previously been only sparsely addressed. This book provides a practical guide on how to investigate and manage common breast problems for all members of the breast disease team, whether surgeons, nurses, pathologists or support workers. Its focus is on providing easy access to the most up-to-date evidence, allowing healthcare workers to make the best decisions possible and encouraging a team approach to patient support.

26 chapters cover the whole of the patient journey from assessment through to surgery and adjuvant treatments, giving a practical overview of the whole process of care. The coverage guides the reader from clinical examination and investigation of the breast patient to pre-operative workup and post-operative complication guidance. To enable swift and effective decision-making, clear management plans are provided for common breast problems. The book also includes the latest evidence, guidance and references on breast disease, together with discussions on current controversies in the field including the management of margins, management of the axilla and the evidence surrounding the NHS Breast Screening Programme. To give practical advice on the realities of being part of a breast care team, the book also has several chapters devoted to leadership and management including MDT requirements, audit and research, avoiding complaints and the organisation of a breast unit.

Enabling every healthcare professional to respond to patients needs accurately and knowledgeably, Breast Disease Management is a practical guide for the whole team in providing truly patient-centred, effective care.

Readership: All members of the multi-disciplinary team including breast care nurses and clinic nurses, pathology and radiology staff working in breast units, surgical trainees, foundation doctors, and interested patients.


1: How to survive outpatient clinics in breast disease
2: The National Health Service Breast Screening Programme
3: Multidisciplinary Working
4: Anatomy and Physiology
5: Breast Cancer Facts and Figures
6: Breast Assessment
7: Benign Breast Problems and Management
8: Surgical Management of Benign Breast Disease
9: Gynaecomastia
10: Invasive Breast Cancer
11: Non-Invasive Breast Disease
12: Basic Surgery for Breast Cancer
13: Adjuvant Therapy
14: Treatment-Induced Complications
15: Ward management
16: Breast Reduction
17: Oncoplastic Mastectomy Incisions
18: Breast Conserving Surgery: Volume Displacement
19: Breast Reconstruction: Volume Replacement
20: Lipomodelling
21: Nipple-areola Reconstruction
22: Breast Augmentation and Symmetrisation Surgery
23: Recurrent Breast Cancer
24: Management of the High Risk Patient
25: Research and Audit
26: Complaints, mistakes and how to minimize problems