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Camberwell Assessment of Need: Forensic Version CANFOR 2nd Edition

ISBN: 9781911623410
ISBN: 9781911623410
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The Camberwell Assessment of Need Forensic Version (CANFOR) is a tool for assessing the needs of people with mental health problems who are in contact with forensic services. It is based on the CAN, a widely used needs assessment for people with severe mental health problems. Individual needs are assessed in 25 areas of life, spanning health, social, clinical and functional domains. Comprehensive versions are available for research (CANFOR-R) and clinical use (CANFOR-C), as well as a short summary version (CANFOR-S) suitable for both research and clinical use. CANFOR was rigorously developed by a multidisciplinary team at the Institute of Psychiatry, London, and is suitable for use in all forensic mental health and prison settings. This second edition provides an update of the CANFOR tools and their application in clinical and research settings. The assessment forms are freely available to download from the CAN website (researchintorecovery.com/can) and cambridge.org.

  • Contains blank forms of all three CANFOR measures for scanning or photocopying, and downloadable versions are freely available on the CAN website (researchintorecovery.com/can) and the Cambridge University Press website (cambridge.org)
  • No additional training is needed for the assessment to be completed by mental health workers or researchers
  • Modernises the CANFOR to include updated need domains, details of the tool’s psychometric properties and an overview of new research using the CANFOR


1. Introduction
2. Needs assessment
3. Development of the Camberwell Assessment of Need Forensic Version (CANFOR)
4. Practicalities of using the CANFOR scales
5. Using the Camberwell Assessment of Need Forensic Research Version (CANFOR-R)
6. Using the Camberwell Assessment of Need Forensic Clinical Version (CANFOR-C)
7. Using the Camberwell Assessment of Need Forensic Short Version (CANFOR-S)
8. Translations of CANFOR
9. Suggested training
10. Frequently asked questions
11. References
Appendix 1. CANFOR-R
Appendix 2. CANFOR-C
Appendix 3. CANFOR-S
Appendix 4. C and R summary score sheets
Appendix 5. IJMPR.