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Cambridge Guide to Schema Therapy

Part of Cambridge Guides to the Psychological Therapies

ISBN: 9781108927475
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The book provides the reader with a thorough understanding of the model of Schema Therapy, methods and techniques used throughout the process of Schema Therapy treatment. Experienced trainers in Schema Therapy, the authors provide a unique understanding of the questions, challenges, and points of issue experienced by practitioners learning the model. Designed for the practitioner with a specific focus on the theory and practice of modern schema therapy, the book discusses the powerful techniques and cutting-edge developments of the Schema Therapy model, with step-by-step guidance and clinical examples. A comprehensive resource for both students and experienced practitioners providing valuable examples of the model in clinical practice and solutions to the challenges and questions practitioners face in applying the model. Part of the Cambridge Guides to the Psychological Therapies series, offering all the latest scientifically rigorous, and practical information on a range of key, evidence-based psychological interventions for clinicians.

  • Provides a thorough update on the most recent developments in schema therapy theory, practices, and research, complete with theoretical and clinical learning material and practical advice for the application of schema therapy techniques
  • An overview of the application of schema therapy to a range of specific clinical groups (eating disorders, forensic populations and complex trauma) allows the reader to contextualise schema practice and learn how the principles and techniques can be applied in diverse practice settings
  • Offers a level of depth and detail on key practice issues not covered elsewhere allowing for greater depth in knowledge and perspectives on how to approach many key issues novice schema therapists need to navigate


Part I. Overview of the Schema Therapy Model:
1. From core emotional needs, to schemas, coping styles and schema modes: the conceptual model of schema therapy
2. Research support for schema therapy
Part II. The Model of Schema Therapy into Practice:
3. Schema therapy assessment
4. Case conceptualization and mode mapping in schema therapy
5. Envisioning the road ahead: a model for the course of schema therapy
6. Intervention strategies for schema healing 1: limited reparenting
7. Intervention strategies for schema healing 2: cognitive strategies
8. Intervention strategies for schema healing 3: experiential techniques
9. Intervention strategies for schema healing 4: behavioural-pattern breaking techniques
10. Building connection to healthy modes: the healthy adult and happy child modes
11. Bypassing maladaptive coping modes and working with roadblocks to change
12. Preparing for termination and the end-phase of schema therapy
Part III. Application and Adaptations for Mental Health Presentations:
13. Schema therapy for chronic depression and anxiety disorders
14. Working with complex trauma and dissociation in schema therapy
15. Schema therapy for eating disorders
Part IV. Application of Schema Therapy in Different Populations and Settings:
16. Schema therapy for forensic populations
17. Group schema therapy
18. Schema therapy for the schema therapist: improving therapist wellbeing and enhancing client outcomes through the awareness and healing of therapist schemas
19. Supervision and the supervisory relationship in schema therapy
20. Schema therapy in the online world
Epilogue: continuing the journey afterword from Jeffery Young, Ph.D., founder of schema therapy