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Cardiac CT Made Easy. An Introduction to Cardiovascular Multidetector Computed Tomography 3rd Edition

ISBN: 9780367721473
ISBN: 9780367721473
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Cardiovascular Computed Tomography has a prominent role in the diagnosis and management across a wide spectrum of clinical indications. Therefore, knowledge about this exciting technology is critical for imaging specialists and clinicians alike. Complementary to more detailed textbooks, this book is geared towards readers, who are learning about cardiovascular CT regardless of their clinical specialty. It is intended to be a short practical introduction with a focus on visual material. With this in mind, the third edition has been carefully revised and updated to include recent developments in CT scanner technology and clinical indications. The current third edition of the book covers the entire spectrum of cardiovascular computed tomography, but the text and number of images have been reduced to focus on the essential material. Cardiac CT Made Easy provides a rapid introduction and initial understanding about cardiovascular CT.

Key Features

    • Covers the entire spectrum of cardiovascular computed tomography; this third edition provides a concise and practical text
    • Addresses the needs of radiologists and cardiologists who practice cardiovascular imaging, providing technical and practical aspects of MDCT for cardiovascular applications, especially from the perspective of clinicians


  • Contains new material covering recent developments in CT scanner technology (e.g. photon-counting detector technology) and clinical indications (e.g. imaging in the context of structural and valvular interventional procedures)


Section 1: Basics of Multidetector Computed Tomography (MDCT). 1. Introduction to Cardiovascular MDCT Imaging. 2. CT Perspective of Normal Cardiovascular Anatomy. 3. Technical Aspects of Multidetector Computed Tomography. Section 2: Clinical Cardiovascular Applications. 4. Cardiac Chambers and Myocardial Disease. 5. Pericardial Disease. 6. Valvular Heart Disease. 7. CT Planning and Guidance for Transcatheter Interventions. 8. Coronary Arterial and Venous Disease. 9. Pulmonary Vascular Disease. 10. Aortic Disease. 11. Peripheral Artery Disease. 12. Cardiac Masses. 13. Adult Congenital Heart Disease.