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Cardiac Drugs

Συγγραφείς: Kanu Chatterjee, Eric J Topol
ISBN: 9789351528517

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Cardiac Drugs is the latest edition of this comprehensive resource, completely revised to provide up-to-date information on the rapidly evolving field of cardiovascular drugs.

The book is divided into thirteen chapters, focusing on cardiovascular comorbid conditions, with extensive coverage of cardiovascular disease management in patients with co-existing diabetes, dysmetabolic syndrome and pregnancy. The first two chapters cover vasodilators and neurohormone modulators, and positive inotropic drugs, and subsequent chapters cover drugs for specific conditions including dyslipidemia, dysrhythmia, stable angina, and pulmonary hypertension.

The final chapter ?Future Direction ? Pharmacogenomics? provides insight into the exploration of the human genome for opportunities to improve therapeutic precision in cardiovascular medicine. This new edition of Cardiac Drugs also incorporates the latest JNC 8 (Joint National Committee) guidelines on hypertension, highlighting their key differences to previous guidelines.

Enhanced by 80 full colour illustrations and tables, and written by US based experts in cardiovascular pharmacology, Cardiac Drugs is an invaluable resource for cardiologists and pharmacologists.

Key Points

  • Latest edition of comprehensive guide to cardiovascular pharmacology
  • Incorporates JNC 8 guidelines on hypertension
  • 80 full colour illustrations and tables
  • Written by US based experts in the field of cardiovascular pharmacology
  • Previous edition (9789350258798) published 2012