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Cardiovascular CT and MR Imaging

ISBN: 9788847028678
ISBN: 9788847028678

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The book compares the role of CT and MR angiography in different vascular applications Most books refers to either CT or MR angiography without providing information on the different roles of each of them The text aims to provide a comparison of the advantages and limitations of the two techniques in various diseases and vascular regions The availability and diffusion of high-performance technologies has strengthened the role of CT angiography and MR angiography as simple, reliable techniques for the characterization and treatment planning of the principal diseases of the cardiovascular system, an understanding of which has become essential for all radiologists. The aim of this book is to provide concise but thorough information and guidance on the main methods and examination techniques used when performing high-quality CT angiography and MR angiography studies in a broad range of clinical settings. The lucid text is supported by a large number of case studies and is rich in advice on image interpretation and practical suggestions for the evaluation and reporting of the examinations. Importantly, a central feature is detailed comparison of the advantages and limitations of the two techniques in various diseases and vascular regions; the book will therefore enable both trainee and expert radiologists to understand their indications and to select the most appropriate technique in different contexts.


1. CT Angiography – 2. MR Angiography – 3. Post-Processing – 4. Plaque Imaging – 5. Intracranial Circulation – 6. Carotid Arteries – 7. Thoracic Aorta – 8. Pulmonary Circulation – 9. Coronary Circulation – 10. Abdominal Aorta – 11. Renal Arteries and Splanchnic Vessels – 12. Arteries of the Upper Limbs – 13. Arteries of the Lower Limbs – 14. Whole-Body Angiography – 15. Vascular Malformations – 16. Vasculitis – 17. Venous System