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Care Trajectory Management, 1st Edition. Foundations in the organising work of nurses

ISBN: 9780443107535
ISBN: 9780443107535
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Διαθεσιμότητα: 11-14 ημέρες


‘Care trajectory management’ refers to the work that nurses do to coordinate and organise patient care. It’s a relatively unseen element of the nursing role that is absolutely vital for patient safety and quality care.

Care Trajectory Management for Nurses is the first ever textbook of its kind for nurse educators, practice facilitators and policy makers as well as undergraduate nurses. It is both a theoretical and practical resource covering the concepts and theories around the organisational components of nursing practice, derived the research of nurse academic Davina Allen.

This excellent book will help prepare nurses to be the ‘glue’ in increasingly complex healthcare systems, and provides an excellent foundation for embedding this important subject into student curricula.

Key Features
  • The first textbook of its kind – a valuable resource for both experienced nurses and undergraduates
  • Evidence-based – derived from research led by the author


  • The history of nursing’s professional development
  • Professional identity
  • Healthcare quality and safety
  • Healthcare systems
  • Managing complexity
  • Care coordination
  • Tacit knowledge
  • Nursing theory
  • Organising work
  • Care Trajectory Management Framework
  • Translational mobilisation theory
  • Illustrative case studies based on observational studies bring theory to life
  • Exercises, quick quizzes and reflective practice help to apply learning
  • Online downloadable workbooks to organise learning