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Carotid Treatment: Principles and Techniques 3rd Edition

ISBN: 9780367465711
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Scientific and epidemiologic progress surrounding carotid artery surgery continues to evolve, and for the better, for both surgeons and patients. Carotid surgery, performed by skilled surgeons with quantifiable results, prevents stroke in asymptomatic and symptomatic patients. The challenge is to continually refine the techniques to ensure the greatest possible margins of safety, and to educate surgeons around the world to ensure uniform standards of care. Carotid artery stenting, again performed by skilled practitioners with quantifiable results, has developed as a viable alternative to CEA in chosen cases.

Carotid Treatment, Third Edition represents the current state of the art in carotid treatment. Coverage includes a comprehensive and practical new chapter on carotid stenting, increased coverage of radiography, and highly illustrated surgical technique case examples reflecting international practice. Throughout the book numerous case examples, and interesting examples of anatomical variants are illustrated and explained. An expanded section on complications further increases the value of this resource for all practitioners.

  • Highly illustrated text to aid understanding of best practice in carotid treatment
  • Reflects international best practice
  • Useful in clinical practice and to improve patient care

Neurosurgeons, Vascular surgeons, and Neuro-Interventionalists will benefit from the experience and wisdom shared in the third edition of this acclaimed text.


1. Foundation and Evidence for Carotid Reconstruction. 2. Historical Perspective and Current Practice of Carotid Artery Stenting (CAS). 3. Radiographic Studies. 4. Surgical Techniques. 5. Complications. 6. Special Cases.