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Case Studies in LPN/LVN Nursing, 1st Edition

ISBN: 9780323711043
ISBN: 9780323711043
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Gain valuable experience applying your knowledge and critical thinking skills to real-world scenarios! Case Studies in LPN/LVN Nursing features 50 case studies that cover all clinical areas of practice: fundamental skills, medical-surgical adult health nursing, pediatric, maternity, mental health, geriatric nursing, and leadership management. Patient scenarios help you learn how to apply nursing knowledge to nursing practice by promoting the development of critical thinking and clinical reasoning skills. Cases integrate content on assessment findings, diagnostic/laboratory tests, pharmacology, and nutrition to encourage you to think critically about all aspects of patient care, including the physical and psychosocial needs of the patient, communication, collaboration with the health care team, teaching wellness and health promotion, and integration of cultural competence. Cases unfold as care is provided and a variety of multiple-choice, select-all-that-apply, prioritization, and short-answer questions challenge you to formulate and select relevant and/or potential decisions. The case studies are separated by clinical area, allowing you to use this worktext throughout your nursing program. Questions for the Next-Generation NCLEX® (NGN) prepare you for the biggest change to the NCLEX-PN® test plan to date. Answer keys are available to instructors on our accompanying Evolve website.
Key Features
  • Fifty case studies cover patient scenarios that span the entire LPN/LVN curriculum.
  • Unfolding case progressions help you learn to identify changes, anticipate outcomes, and prioritize care.
  • Emphasis on interprofessional collaboration builds your communication and delegation skills.
  • A variety of question formats reinforce critical thinking and help you prepare for the NCLEX-PN® exam.
  • Documentation questions challenge you to identify critical information to chart.


Section 1: Fundamentals Case Study 1. Infection Control Case Study 2. Vital Signs Case Study 3. Nutrition Case Study 4. Medication Administration Case Study 5. Mobility Case Study 6. Patient Hygiene Case Study 7. Perioperative Section 2: Medical-Surgical Case Study 8. COPD Case Study 9. Cerebral Vascular Accident Case Study 10. Chronic Kidney Disease Case Study 11. Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 Case Study 12. Inflammatory Bowel Disease Case Study 13. Heart Failure Case Study 14. Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Case Study 15. Hypertension Case Study 16. DVT/PE Case Study 17. Parkinson’s Disease Case Study 18. Peptic Ulcer Disease Case Study 19. Pneumonia Case Study 20. Thyroid Disorder Case Study 21. Urinary Tract Infection Section 3: Maternity Case Study 22. Prenatal Care Case Study 23. Normal Labor Case Study 24. Assessment of Newborn Case Study 25. Preterm Infant Case Study 26. Postpartum/Mood Disorder Section 4: Pediatrics Case Study 27. Respiratory Syncytial Virus Case Study 28. Epilepsy Case Study 29. Communicable Disease Case Study 30. Diabetes Mellitus Type 1 Case Study 31. Gastroenteritis Case Study 32. Fracture Case Study 33. Meningitis Case Study 34. Asthma Case Study 35. Leukemia Section 5: Mental Health Case Study 36. Anxiety Disorder Case Study 37. Bipolar Disorder Case Study 38. Depression Case Study 39. Substance Abuse Section 6: Geriatrics Case Study 40. Sensory Case Study 41. Polypharmacy Case Study 42. Alzheimer’s Disease/Dementia Case Study 43. Constipation Case Study 44. Dehydration Case Study 45. End-of-Life Case Study 46. Falls Case Study 47. Incontinence Case Study 48. Wound Care Section 7: Leadership Management Case Study 49. Therapeutic Communication Case Study 50. Delegation Answer keys are available to instructors on our Evolve accompanying website.