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Cases in Paediatric Critical Care Transfer and Retrieval Medicine

ISBN: 9781108931113
ISBN: 9781108931113
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Critically ill paediatric transfers have expanded rapidly over the past ten years and, as such, the need for transfer teams to recognise, understand and treat the various illnesses that they encounter is greater than ever. This highly illustrated book covers a multitude of clinical presentations in a case-based format to allow an authentic feel to the transfer process. Written by clinicians with experience in thousands of transfers, it brings together many years of experience from a world-renowned hospital. Following the case from initial presentation, to resuscitation and referral and finally with the transfer itself; the book explores the clinical stabilisation, human factors decisions and logistical challenges that are encountered every day by these teams. Following the entire journey, this is an ideal resource for all professionals who may be involved in critical care transfer and retrieval medicine, particularly those working in paediatrics, emergency medicine, anaesthesiology, intensive care, or pre-hospital settings.

  • The structured, case-based format is easily adapted into a teaching resource for simulation-based material and, by covering the journey from presentation to transfer, the book provides a tool for local teams seeking more experience in stabilisation/resuscitation of a sick child through to the specific issues encountered during transfer
  • The book distils the knowledge and vast experience from a large number of clinicians with experience in thousands of critically ill transfers in a range of settings and features a huge variety of illnesses encountered during the transferral of critically ill children and the challenges related to these
  • Written from a multidisciplinary viewpoint of a transfer team consisting of different professionals including doctors, nurses and ambulance technicians, offering an insight into the team based nature of a transfer


1. Models of care Shelley Riphagen
2. Logistics and organisation Shelley Riphagen and Karen Starkie
3. Air retrieval Karen Starkie
4. Improving team performance Shelley Riphagen and Karen Starkie
5. I like children, but I don’t fancy intubating one Rumiko King and Joanne Perkins
6. Upper airway obstruction Gareth Waters and Andrew Nyman
7. Just Bronchiolitis? Sam Fosker and Shelley Riphagen
8. Foreign body aspiration Alexander Hall and Andrew Nyman
9. A child with facial swelling Michael Carter and Shelley Riphagen
10. Pneumonia & empyema Elizabeth Daisy Dunn and Marilyn McDougall
11. The child with a cough and concerning white cell count Jo Dyer and Maja Pavcnik
12. Worsening stridor, to intubate … or not to intubate Joanna Davies and Shelley Riphagen
13. Difficult asthma Christopher Hands and Andrew Nyman
14. Transfer of child with pulmonary hypertension Kenneth MacGruer and Alison Pienaar
15. A blue baby Joanna Davies and Shelley Riphagen
16. A Shocked blue baby who won’t improve Jenny Budd and Shelley Riphagen
17. Under a spell Catia Pinto and Miriam Fine-Goulden
18. A decline in function Shelley Riphagen
19. Rash, tachycardia and irritability Shelley Riphagen
20. Is the baby’s heart rate supposed to be slower than mine? Olga Van Der Woude and Shelley Riphagen
21. A pale lethargic girl Maria Gual Sanchez and Shelley Riphagen
22. Too fast for comfort Sarah Hardwick and Miriam Fine-Goulden
23. Chickenpox and other bugs Michelle Alisio and Marilyn McDougall
24. When amoxicillin just doesn’t cover it Michael Carter and Marilyn McDougall
25. Tumour lysis Jo Dyer and Shelley Riphagen
26. Respiratory insufficiency on maximal support: Is that it? Federico Minen and Jon Lillie
27. Cardiac arrest Abi Whitehouse and Jon Lillie
28. A neurosurgical emergency Livia Procopiuc and Alison Pienaar
29. A fall from height Caroline Smith, Sam Fosker and Shelley Riphagen
30. Brain against the clock Sam Fosker
31. When vomiting becomes blood Anna Canet Carres and Shelley Riphagen
32. Bilious vomiting and distended abdomen? Let’s find a surgeon Xabier Freire Gomez and Alison Pienaar
33. What can’t go down, must come up Emily Cadman and Alison Pienaar
34. Not all burns can be seen Alex Williams and Ariane Annicq
35. Drowning and organ donation Emma Prower and Joanne Perkins
36. The cold shocked child Sam Fosker and Shelley Riphagen
37. Encephalopathy Fiona Bickell and Shelley Riphagen
38. Adolescent Psychosis and Seizures – infection, ingestion or encephalitis? Sasha Herring and Marilyn McDougall
39. The Collapsed neonate Ain Satar and Shelley Riphagen
40. A floppy breathless child Sam Fosker and Shelley Riphagen
41. Fever in the times of COVID-19 (SARV-CoV2) Marilyn McDougall
42. A palliative care transfer home Miriam Fine-Goulden and Joa Laddie
43. A story that just doesn’t add up Emma Smith and Shelley Riphagen
44. Multidrug overdose – a practical guide to stabilisation and transfer Nav Somasinghe and Joanne Perkins
45. Death is a possible outcome Dawn Knight and Shelley Riphagen
46. Cold unconscious 12 year old girl Louisa Brock and Marilyn McDougall
47. Another collapsed neonate Hannah Hayden and Maja Pavcnik
48. The challenges of chemotherapy Heather Burnett and Maja Pavcnik
49. Diarrhoea and vomiting Georgina Humble and Shelley Riphagen
50. A life-threatening sickle cell crisis Juan Ramon Valle Ortiz and Shelley Riphagen
51. A baby with acute liver failure Marilyn McDougall
52. Air transport of a critically ill baby Joanna Davies and Shelley Riphagen
53. Crew resource management Sam Fosker
54. Chest drain insertion Marilyn McDougall
55. Paediatric airway clearance for acute management on retrieval Rosalie Summers
56. Use of ultrasound for paediatric retrieval Ariane Annicq
57. Vasoactive drugs on retrieval Benedict Griffiths.