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CBT for Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. A Treatment Manual

ISBN: 9781032593609
ISBN: 9781032593609
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This treatment manual provides cognitive behavioral therapists with the inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) specific knowledge and content they need to work with this patient population.

Understanding the very real challenges of living with an IBD, and what sorts of catastrophic thoughts and maladaptive avoidance behaviors patients might have, can make therapy more focused, efficient, and effective. This manual encourages flexible, modular deployment of numerous empirically supported principles, techniques, and interventions, and includes five treatment protocols with hypothetical patients.

This book is essential for therapists with training in cognitive behavioral therapy who are interested in expanding their practice competence to work with patients with GI disorders, including inflammatory bowel disease.


Introduction  Part I: Introduction to Inflammatory Bowel Diseases: What the Clinician Needs to Know  1. What are Inflammatory Bowel Diseases?  2. How are IBD Diagnosed?  3. How are IBD Treated?  Part II: Psychotherapy for Patients with IBD  4. Common Psychiatric Comorbidities  5. Eight Session CBT Protocol for IBD  Part III: Therapy in Action  6. Sample Treatment Protocols