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Child and Adolescent Obesity: A Practical Approach to Clinical Weight Management

ISBN: 9781119798842
ISBN: 9781119798842



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Address the growing societal problem of childhood obesity with this practical guide

Childhood obesity and its associated health issues remain major societal concerns across both developed and developing worlds. In the United Kingdom, as many as a quarter of all children starting school are living with obesity, and this prevalence only increases as children and young people age. It has never been more critical for dietitians, nutritionists, and healthcare professionals to understand the mechanisms of childhood obesity and how to tackle this significant public health issue.

Child and Adolescent Obesity offers a comprehensive, practical, evidence-based overview of this subject. Adopting a modern approach, it incorporates global perspectives, including parent interviews, to produce a thorough and rigorous discussion of best practices. Clear and accessible, it is a must-own for all social and healthcare professionals working with children and adolescents.

Readers will also find:

  • In-depth discussion of the building blocks of successful programmes
  • Detailed discussion of topics including physical activity, family mealtimes, the whole systems approach, and more
  • Guidelines for communicating key concepts related to obesity management with policymakers, senior managers, commissioners, and the general public

Child and Adolescent Obesity is ideal for dietitians, nutritionists, health and social care professionals, and students and trainees for these professions.