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Childhood Cancer Survivors with Chronic Diseases

ISBN: 9783031317965
ISBN: 9783031317965
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This book is a unique documentation about the whole range of childhood cancer late effects and discusses their different ways of global influences. The number of childhood cancer survivors is increasing continuously. Thus the topic is also getting more important and well informed caregivers are needed in their institutions. Survivorship after childhood cancer is not the same as survivorship after cancer in adults’ age.

All currently known late effects for former childhood cancer patients are explored in detail: not only organ-related but also psychosocial related long-term sequelae. It closes the gap of missing detailed information and their consequences for individuals and society. Past, presence, and future of childhood cancer late effects is presented as well as models of care for childhood cancer survivors.

This book is essential for all professionals who work with childhood cancer survivors, no matter if oncologists, psychologists, social workers, or patient advocates. It is also a helpful textbook for university classrooms and seminars as well as for pediatric oncology fellowship programs.