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Clark’s Essential Guide to Mobile and Theatre Imaging

ISBN: 9781032147826
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This easy-to-understand pocketbook in the highly respected Clark’s stable of diagnostic imaging texts is an invaluable tool for student and practising radiographers, providing practical guidance to undertaking a wide range of mobile and theatre imaging examinations in multiple locations − different theatre environments, the Emergency Department, Intensive Care Units, including Neo-Natal Intensive Care, and on general wards.

Carrying out examinations outside the imaging suite can be particularly challenging, given the circumstances in which they are often requested, the condition of the patient and the complexity of the environment. Additionally, management of the team and area from a radiation protection point of view is the responsibility of the radiographer and requires excellent communication skills.

Clark’s Essential Guide to Mobile and Theatre Imaging takes the systematic approach adopted within books in the Clark’s family and designed to be clear and consistent, in which each imaging location is explored, the challenges of each identified and possible solutions presented. A wide range of theatre procedures is included, as well as the imaging requirements of each and common theatre practices, such as time out, are considered.


Section 1 – Key aspects of mobile imaging

Chapter 1 Introduction to mobile imaging

Chapter 2 Mobile imaging equipment

Chapter 3 Rad protection and dose optimisation

Chapter 4 Working practices


Section 2 – Mobile radiography

Chapter 5 Ward environments for mobile imaging

Chapter 6 Imaging in the emergency department

Chapter 7 Adult mobile radiography technique

Chapter 8 Paediatric mobile radiography technique


Section 3 – Theatre Radiography

Chapter 9 Surgical specialties requiring fluoroscopic imaging

Chapter 10 Fluoroscopy technique in theatre