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Cleft Maxillary Reconstruction

ISBN: 9783031246388
ISBN: 9783031246388
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This book aims to teach the reader about all aspects of maxillary cleft reconstruction, with emphasis on management of the patient born with a congenital anomaly, cleft lip and palate, which will usually have been managed by several different providers during earlier childhood. Clinical anatomy, clinical and imaging assessment (including the role of CBCT), orthodontic considerations, surgical repair techniques, the approach in special situations, and outcome evaluation are all thoroughly described. While the focus is especially on the patient with mixed dentition, due attention is paid to prior influences on that stage, as well as to the changes that will occur subsequently.

Maxillary cleft reconstruction is a uniquely multidisciplinary component in reconstruction of cleft lip and palate. It is one of the most complex phases of rehabilitation, wherein orthodontics, dentistry, and surgery are immediately involved but presentation and eventual outcomes are heavily influenced by operations during the first year of life and by growth that is unpredictable and iatrogenically altered. This book will be of high educational and practical value to all who have an interest in the management of patients with cleft lip and palate.