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Clinical Cases in Critical Care

ISBN: 9781119578901
ISBN: 9781119578901
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Clinical Cases in Critical CareIn Clinical Cases in Critical Care, the authors explore core clinical topics and basic sciences in a practical and realistic way, and include comprehensive discussions focusing on critically unwell patients with a variety of presentations and underlying disorders, including COVID-19, hypotension, stroke and drug overdose.

Each case begins with a clinical vignette which generates a series of questions the reader must address. Cases are expanded to discuss differential diagnoses, investigations and management issues. Further questions direct the reader to explore relevant clinical and scientific knowledge – similar to the structure of many professional oral examinations. The final section of the book consists of exam style questions in a multiple choice and single best answer style.

Perfect for medical practitioners working in critical care settings, Clinical Cases in Critical Care provides a thorough and accessible reference for trainee physicians with an interest in critical and emergency care, as well as allied health professionals in the field. This engaging textbook will be an essential companion for anyone getting to grips with the foundation of specialist knowledge required by professionals working in intensive care medicine.


Alice Myers is a Consultant in Intensive Care Medicine and Anaesthesia at Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust and co-author of a BMJ Book Awards prize winning casebook in paediatric medicine.

Theophilus Samuels is a Consultant in Intensive Care Medicine and Anaesthesia at Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust with level 2 transthoracic echocardiography accreditation from the British Society of Echocardiography.



Foreword and How to Use This Book ix

Author Information x

Acknowledgements  xi

List of Abbreviations xiii

Part I Introduction 1

Section 1 A Brief Introduction to Critical Care 3

Section 2 Intubation of the Critically Unwell Patient 13

Part II The Cases 23

Case 1 The Patient with Rising Vasopressor Requirements 25

Case 2 The Patient with Respiratory Distress I 37

Case 3 The Patient with Respiratory Distress II  48

Case 4 The Patient with Abdominal Pain and Vomiting 60

Case 5 The Patient Involved in a Road Traffic Collision  71

Case 6 The Patient with a Raised Temperature 82

Case 7 The Patient with Haematemesis  94

Case 8 The Patient Who Is Difficult to Ventilate 104

Case 9 The Patient with Chest Pain  118

Case 10 The Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Patient  130

Case 11 The Patient with Hyponatraemia  139

Case 12 The Patient in Status Epilepticus 155

Case 13 The Patient Who is Hypotensive 165

Case 14 The Patient Who Deteriorates Post Intubation 177

Case 15 The Patient with Reduced Consciousness 187

Case 16 The Patient Who had A Stroke 201

Case 17 The Patient with Chest Pain and a Rash 213

Case 18 The Young Patient Who Collapses  225

Case 19 The Patient Who has Taken an Overdose  238

Case 20 The Unwell Obstetric Patient  254

Case 21 The Patient in Cardiac ICU   265

Case 22 The Patient Who was in A House Fire  280

Case 23 The Patient with Low Platelets  293

Case 24 The Patient with COVID-19  306

Part III Test Yourself 319

Multiple Choice Questions  321

Single Best Answer Questions  327

Answers   333

Index  349