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Clinical Cases in Sleep Physical Therapy

ISBN: 9783031383397
ISBN: 9783031383397
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Sleep diseases and cases are both very common (such as sleep respiratory disturbances) and rare (such as narcolepsy), with increasing and alarming prevalence worldwide. As diagnosis is always performed by physicians, physiotherapists often receive the patients referred by other health practitioners.

This engaging book focuses on a compilation of case reports and clinical scenarios collected over the years. It intends to show the practical management of different cases in treating sleep disorders by physiotherapists. The reader will have a chance to understand how, in clinical practice, physiotherapists from different countries treat sleep issues, either in conjunction or not with other health professions.

Written by worldwide experts, the 30 instructive chapters present the practice of sleep and physical therapy around the globe, as well as the integration of sleep as a imperative topic in health promotion and well-being. They also intend to describe the anamnesis, the clinical history, rationale and process for the physiotherapeutic treatment, patient-centered, and with an interdisciplinary approach.

The reader will be able to tie up loose ends of the clinical picture and to connect with the theoretical knowledge, understanding the evidence-based practice in each of the clinical case, thus having the insight to start thinking as a sleep physiotherapist. As the contemporary world is always changing, so is physical therapy on behalf of health in these lightning times.