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Clinical Communication in Medicine

ISBN: 9781118728246
ISBN: 9781118728246



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Clinical Communication in Medicine brings together the theories, models and evidence that underpin effective healthcare communication in one accessible volume. Endorsed and developed by members of the UK Council of Clinical Communication in Undergraduate Medical Education, it traces the subject to its primary disciplinary origins, looking at how it is practised, taught and learned today, as well as considering future directions.

Focusing on three key areas – the doctor-patient relationship, core components of clinical communication, and effective teaching and assessment – Clinical Communication in Medicine enhances the understanding of effective communication. It links theory to teaching, so principles and practice are clearly understood.

Clinical Communication in Medicine is a new and definitive guide for professionals involved in the education of medical undergraduate students and postgraduate trainees, as well as experienced and junior clinicians, researchers, teachers, students, and policy makers.


Contributors viii

Foreword xi

1 Introduction 1
Jane Kidd

Part 1: The doctor]patient relationship
Section lead editor: Lorraine M. Noble

2 Introduction to the Doctor–Patient Relationship 5
Lorraine M. Noble

3 History of the Doctor–Patient Relationship 6
Annie Cushing

4 Models of the Doctor–Patient Consultation 21
Alexia Papageorgiou

5 What Is Effective Doctor–Patient Communication? Review of the Evidence 30
Gregory Makoul and Sandra van Dulmen

6 Patient]Centredness 40
Rosie Illingworth

7 The Impact of Training 49
John Skelton

8 The Future of the Doctor–Patient Relationship 57
Lorraine M. Noble

Part 2: Components of Communication
Section lead editor: Alexia Papageorgiou

Part 2A: Core Tasks in Clinical Communication

9 Overview of Core Tasks in Clinical Communication 69
Jonathan Silverman

10 Relationship Building 72
Jonathan Silverman

11 Information Gathering and Clinical Reasoning 76
Jonathan Silverman

12 Information Sharing and Shared Decision Making 81
Jonathan Silverman

13 Communicating about Risk and Uncertainty 87
Katherine Joekes

14 Responding to Emotions 91
Theano V. Kalavana

15 Breaking Bad News 98
Rob Lane

16 Facilitating Behaviour Change through Motivational Interviewing 104
Eva Doherty

17 Responding to Medical Error and Complaints 108
Lucy Ambrose and Lindsey Pope

Part 2B: Diversity Issues in Clinical Communication and Cultural Diversity

18 Overview of Diversity Issues in Clinical Communication 117
Costas S. Constantinou

19 Diversity Issues in Clinical Communication 119
Margot Turner and Nisha Dogra

20 The Family Consultation 127
Xavier Coll

21 Consulting with Children and Young People 131
Xavier Coll

22 The Older Patient 138
Andrew Tarbuck

23 End of Life Issues 147
Vinnie Nambisan and Jennifer Balls

24 Mental Health Matters 151
Jonathan Wilson

Part 2C: Interprofessional Communication

25 Interprofessional Communication and Its Challenges 159
Susanne Lindqvist

Part 3: Learning Teaching and Assessment
Section lead editor: Jo Brown

26 Introduction to Learning Teaching and Assessment 171
Jo Brown

27 The History of Clinical Communication Teaching 172
Victoria Bates Jonathan Reinarz and Connie Wiskin

Part 3A: Models of Learning

28 Behaviourism as a Way of Learning 181
Jo Brown

29 Situated and Work]Based Learning 186
Jo Brown

30 Experiential Learning 193
Jan van Dalen

31 Transformative Learning and High]Fidelity Simulation 200
Wesley Scott]Smith

32 Reflective Practice 206
Sally Quilligan

33 Models of Feedback 211
Catherine J. Williamson Jill Dales and John Spencer

Part 3B: The Assessment of Communication

34 Introduction to Assessment in Communication 221
Jane Kidd

35 Assessing Performance 233
Connie Wiskin and Janet Lefroy

36 Workplace]Based Assessment 241
Jane Kidd and Janet Lefroy

Part 4: Afterword

37 Afterword 251
Jo Brown Lorraine M. Noble Alexia Papageorgiou and Jane Kidd

Index 252